Rush Limbaugh Wins Dance Contest At Miss America Pageant

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh won the judges dance contest at preliminaries of the Miss America beauty pageant Thursday.

This is sure to drive liberal media members crazy if his victory as "Judge of the Night" is revealed when the final program airs Saturday.

As Limbaugh explained to listeners Friday:

Last night was the final night of the preliminaries. Last night's emcee was Dena Blizzard, comedienne from New Jersey. She involved, off the cuff, us six judges. She said, "You know, it's time for us to judge the judges." 

Stay tuned - because he won (video of Limbaugh dancing embedded below the fold, h/t TMZ via Allahpundit):

"The judges get to sit here and judge everybody else." So we're caught up in this, and we have to play along and there was only one thing we had to perform, and that is we all had to stand up on cue and dance -- all six of us -- and then the audience is going to vote as to which one of us was the winner. So I got up and I started dancing and I did the Jersey fist bump because that's what she said she wanted, and I was doing the Jersey fist bump and I went kind of nuts there for 30 seconds. And, lo and behold, if I didn't win it! I won the judge talent show last night, was called up on stage. The retiring current Miss America, Katie Stam, crowns the new Miss America on Saturday night, gave me a... They didn't have a Mr. America sash, so they created one that said "Mr. New Jersey," and there was a picture of me wearing that and they couldn't find a coffee cup named Rush so they got me one with the name Roy on it and gave me that. Katie Stam, the current Miss America signed it, and all the Miss America Pageant contestants are on stage. This is at the end of the night. So I just wanted you people to know: I won a talent contest here at the Miss America Pageant, but I was not competing against the girls.  

I wonder if this will create the firestorm Carrie Prejean and Perez Hilton did at least year's Miss USA pageant.

Stay tuned.

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