'Red Eye' Rips David Shuster Over Fox 'Most Trusted News' Poll

Greg Gutfeld and the gang from "Red Eye" tore David Shuster apart Saturday morning as they imagined how the MSNBCer must have reacted to Tuesday's PPP poll declaring Fox the most trusted name in news.

After discussing some of the numbers, Gutfeld said he felt sad for the other networks, "especially for the folks at MSNBC like David Shuster."

"I wonder how he took the news," Gutfeld said as the screen morphed into Robot Theater with "Meanwhile At MSNBC..." boldly displayed (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript):

ROBOT MSNBC EMPLOYEE: Have you seen the newest poll on television news?

ROBOT DAVID SHUSTER: No, I was busy tweeting about how much I miss the "Gilmore Girls."

EMPLOYEE: The polls says Fox News is the most trusted name in news.

SHUSTER: Well, they are just idiot, Nazi, rightwing racists.

EMPLOYEE: Well, actually, they polled Democrats and found that even among them, twice as many people trusted Fox News as MSNBC. 

SHUSTER: That's wrong. You should talk to my viewers about this.

EMPLOYEE: We tried. We only found one and it was a box turtle.

SHUSTER: You found Admiral Fluffles. Tell me, how is he?

EMPLOYEE: Not well. Also, David, please stop using Media Matters as your source of news.

SHUSTER: But I love Media Matters.

EMPLOYEE: We know.

SHUSTER: I wish Media Matters was my older step-sister. Then I would watch her shower.


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