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Jeffrey Lord is a Contributing Writer for NewsBusters. 

Lord is a former White House political director in the Reagan White House and aide to  HUD Secretary Jack Kemp. After graduating from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania he went on to work for the Pennsylvania State Senate Majority Leader, then going on to serve on Capitol Hill as a press secretary and legislative director for Congressman Bud Shuster (R-Pa.) and Executive Assistant to US Senator John Heinz (R-Pa.). He was the chief of staff for Reagan-Bush ’84 co-chair Drew Lewis as well as to Mr. Lewis in his role as chairman of Warner-Amex Cable (now Time Warner) in New York City. 

Now a writer and commentator, he is a Contributing Editor of The American Spectator, and has appeared on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, the Fox Business Channel and Newsmax TV. His work has been discussed on The Rush Limbaugh Show, and he has also appeared on the Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham talk radio shows in addition to talk radio programs across the country. His articles have been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Times, National Review, The Weekly Standard, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Harrisburg Patriot-News and other publications. He is the author of The Borking Rebellion:The Untold True Story of How a Bipartisan Group of Pennsylvania Women Attorneys Took on the Entire US Senate Judicial Confirmation Process - and Won.  Lord, a native of Northampton, Massachusetts, now lives in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

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The New York Times is playing the race card on Donald Trump.   Surprise!

In a front page story on Friday the so-called "paper of record" headlined the surging GOP presidential this way: "Donald Trump's Instinct for Racially Charged Rhetoric, Before His Presidential Bid."

Late Friday afternoon the Washington Post headlined this front page story about the shooter in the Louisiana: "Reports: Shooter was mentally ill, anti-tax activist."

The story then reports that John Russell Houser “was a onetime entrepreneur who inveighed against women’s rights, liberals and minorities and had been involuntarily committed for mental illness.” Yes, Rusty Houser “was fiercely anti-tax,” “ anti-abortion,” and….wait for it… “pretty much a radical Republican.” And oh, by the way? “Rusty had an issue with feminine rights. He was opposed to women having a say in anything..."   

Why are the liberal media and other liberal elites turning on the black Bill Cosby - while supporting the white Bill Clinton? 

With all due respect, whatever else Donald Trump is doing, he is showing just how wide the gulf between media elites and those who are running the Republican Party really is.  

The Harrisburg Patriot-News - the paper of record in my long-adopted Pennsylvania hometown (where I live across the Susquehanna in a Cumberland County suburb) - has been in the national news. For embarrassing itself with a snarling, anti-First Amendment-sounding tirade against readers who dissented from the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage. A decision the paper enthusiastically supported. Last Sunday, a rare missed-church morning, I looked up at Fox and Friends to find co-host Tucker Carlson grilling the paper’s editor John Micek on this kerfuffle. It did not go well for Mr. Micek.

Yow. How could this happen?

What did Univision expect would happen?

The truth hurts, goes the old saying. Nowhere is that better illustrated than in the liberal media’s treatment of Donald Trump’s presidential announcement. Not to mention the reaction of Hillary Clinton.

Trump must never mention that Mexican immigrants have brought violent crime, including the rape of children. That's rude. It's also documented fact.

There are two points here. First, Rupert Murdoch has spent a lifetime working relentlessly on a stunning accomplishment. Murdoch’s relentless attention to detail has created a media empire that now, a decade and a half into the 21st century, spans not only the globe but every means of communication from satellites to television, film, newspapers, books and, of critical importance in the new century, the digital. 

The second point? Along the way Murdoch - with the not inconsiderable gifts of Roger Ailes - has broken the once seemingly unbreakable iron grip of the liberal media in America. For good.

America is in deep trouble.  And it’s all Sean Hannity’s fault.

So says newly minted GOP presidential candidate and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.  Said Senator Graham in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, as reported here in the Washington Examiner

One can only imagine the result of that kind of play had been produced. Not to mention if an already verboten image of The Prophet were plunged into a jar of urine and the resulting photo was prominently displayed on the CNN website. Safe to say one can expect the Broadway theater would need the National Guard to protect it and so too would CNN.

Somehow, Chris Cuomo is quiet as a church mouse on all of this. There is no Cuomo campaign to get his own network to remove the Piss Christ  image.  Nor is he furious that CNN has a favorable review of the Book of Mormon on the site. And, it is important to add, as insulting as both may be free speech is - free speech.  Yet there is Cuomo badgering Pamela Geller about being “offensive to a group of people” - meaning Muslims.

The utter CNN hypocrisy is no surprise. This has long become a standard in the country’s way-too-long course in Liberalism 101. But the question in this case - with the answer obvious - is: why? Why do Chris Cuomo and his network never blink when it comes to offending Christians and, in this specific case, Mormons?

The setting: An interview with Texas Senator Ted Cruz and KMBT-TV’s Kevin Steele in Beaumont, Texas. Steele repeatedly asked Cruz if he had a “personal animosity against gay Americans?" Cruz would have none of it.

Would Hillary Clinton - or any other Democrat candidate - consent to be interviewed on Fox by Karl Rove? 

So which is it? Is the liberal media Islamophobic? Or homophobic?

If drawing cartoons of The Prophet is - as the New York Times insists - an “exercise in bigotry and hatred posing as a blow for freedom”? And - again from the Times - a “blatantly Islamophobic provocation”? All because drawing cartoons of the Prophet violates the Islamic faith?  Then what, exactly, is gay marriage? Like drawing an image of The Prophet, homosexuality is a “blatantly Islamophobic provocation” all by itself - long before you even get to the idea of gay marriage.  

Is President Obama responsible for the Baltimore riots? If you take a look at how The New York Times portrayed the reaction to the Los Angeles riots of 1992, apparently so. Bill Clinton was blaming Reagan and Bush on the front page of the paper.

Today, as the events in Baltimore unfold - now with formal charges including murder brought against six Baltimore cops -  there is one striking aspect that is not present as it was in Los Angeles. That would be blaming the President of the United States.

Roll Call, the newspaper that covers Capitol Hill, featured a video of Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill playing the race card on the Senate floor about the vote to confirm Loretta Lynch for Attorney General. And she wasn’t alone in getting this kind of attention - attention that was manifestly filled with flat-out untruth. Reagan nominee Ed Meese was held up twice as long back in the mid-1980s.

Will they just stand there and take it? Or will the Republican candidates for president push back against the fawning media coverage of Hillary Clinton?

Rush Limbaugh, as is frequently the case, was right.

The other day, after a media kerfuffle surrounding Senator Rand Paul’s announcement and a rash of stories about the Senator’s televised go-rounds with NBC’s Today host Savannah Guthrie and an earlier one with CNBC’s Kelly Evans, Rush pointed out the obvious. Guthrie treated Paul as an oddball, practically an alien.

CNN's Chris Cuomo married in the Catholic Church. George Stephanopoulos has a father who is a minister and a mother who was a longtime official in the Greek Orthodox Church. If they really believe, as their media bias suggests, that conservative churches are centers of bigotry, should they be fired? Or should they denounce and renounce their personal association with these "bigoted" churches?

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who announced for president this last week, is completely understanding of what lies ahead. Said a wry Cruz to Fox’s Megyn Kelly: "Well, look, there's nothing like the warm embrace of the mainstream media.”

In other words? In other words the conservative presidential candidate realizes that the supposedly “objective” mainstream media can’t abide conservatives and will do anything and everything to paint him as some sort of wild-eyed crazy man. But the obvious question arrises. Who is more mainstream? The liberal media or Ted Cruz?

Mark Levin was plain. And the question is now on the table for discussion.

Both on his own eponymous radio show and in an appearance on Sean Hannity’s TV show, in discussing President Obama’s treatment of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Mark specifically and in detail accused the Obama administration of anti-Semitism and liberals in general of flat-out racism, all of this protected by what he called the “Praetorian guard media.”