Journalists Are SCANDALIZED GOP Senator Would Question Election (Dems Did It in 2005)

January 2nd, 2021 4:00 PM

As January 6th approaches -- that day being the moment when the new Congress will gather in Washington to validate - or not validate - the results of the Electoral College, it takes no imagination to see what might be called the kraken media -- the enormous monster that is today’s mainstream liberal media preparing to rise from the depths to destroy anyone and everyone who stands up in Congress or out of it to fight what millions of Americans who have questions about the election. 

The Constitution requires both a member of the House and a member of the Senate in order for a debate to be forced on the election tallies as presented by the Electoral College. Some thirty House Republicans have made their intentions to do this known. Until this week no senator stepped forward. Now Missouri’s Republican Senator Josh Hawley has stated he will be the minimally required one Senator to object. 

And in a blink the media kraken began to stir.

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan attacked Hawley thusly:

“But Hawley is also a calculating politician who many believe is positioning himself for a presidential run in the post Trump era. And he has decided that the best way to do that is to show that he is willing to overturn a democratic election. And American democracy itself, in order to keep Republicans in power.

And to be honest, Hawley has done us a favor, because while many Republican senators still haven’t publicly accepted the election results, none have gone this far. Hawley has now outed himself as the lead plotter in the Senate in Donald Trump’s attempted coup. It’s a scarlet letter that should follow him forever.

He’s gone on record against democracy, and he is forcing the rest of the GOP to go on record too. It’s important to understand how unprecedented this is.”

Wow. “Unprecedented?" Hardly. All Hasan had to do was take a quick jump in the time machine for a trip back to January of 2005 when Congress was meeting to certify the Electoral College vote that gave the 2004 election to President George W. Bush over Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. There, plain as day, was then California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer and her California Democrat colleague Stephanie Tubbs over in the House - both objecting to the acceptance of Ohio’s electoral votes. Why? The two insisted there were “widespread irregularities.”

Was this sedition? Treachery? An attempt to overturn a democratic election? The liberal media of 2005 was conspicuously silent. 

Over at CNN, my former colleague Jake Tapper spoke of “the rot in the Republican Party” and speculated that if the GOP controlled the House with Kevin McCarthy as the incoming speaker then “how sanguine would any of us be about whether or not this democracy was going to be overturned?”

With the greatest of respect to my former colleague, there are those of us who believe the real question is the rot of mainstream journalism and its startling willingness to hide stories from the public (See: New York Post and Hunter Biden) or make-up stories out of whole cloth altogether (See: Trump-Russia collusion.) And in doing this, aiding and abetting the forces who have been determined to overturn this democracy by stealing an election. 

All of this kind of thing is effectively the signal that the coming storm over January 6th will see the media kraken unleashed, roaring out of the sewer that was the media coverage of the Trump years to destroy any Republican member of House or Senate or for that matter anyone else who dares to ask questions about the 2020 presidential election. 

The holiday season has had, thank goodness, somewhat of its usual calming effect on the country. Alas, this period is quickly coming to an end. January 6th looms. Not to mention January 5th and the Georgia Senate elections. 

That purpose? To silence and smear good Americans like Senator Josh Hawley, Congressman Mo Brooks and others who are determined to fight for the integrity of the American election system.

Buckle up.