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This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows the political leanings of YouTube and its past of banning controversial conservative videos.

Here are the details from LifeNews:

The popular video sharing web site YouTube is threatening to censor a new video that exposes how a Planned Parenthood center in New jersey aided and assisted actors in an undercover investigation with sexual trafficking of minors.


The video has received national attention and more than 230,000 plays at YouTube but the video site claims a “privacy violation” occurred and is demanding that Live Action, the pro-life group that conducted the sting operation, take it down. The group also released a second videoshowing more sex trafficking coverup at a Virginia Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

All of the videos put out by Live Action on their Planned Parenthood stings are up on Eyeblast.tv right now including the video YouTube is threatening to pull off their site. You can see them all, including the one YouTube is threatening to remove, over at Eyeblast.tv's blog,  The Blast.

We've also embedded the edited video of the January 13 sting at the Perth Amboy, N.J. Planned Parenthood below:

This week we hit the streets of Alexandria, Virginia, to see what average people want the incoming Congress to do. Here's what they told us:

For this week's (our second!) installment of "Eyeblast Hits The Street" we asked the folks of Alexandria, Va., what they thought about Obamacare and the individual mandate.


During a debate with his Republican opponent Marty Lamb, Massachusetts Democrat Jim McGovern said he thinks the Constitution is wrong in regards to campaign financing.

NewsBusters sister site Eyeblast.tv hit the streets of Alexandria, Va., recently to see what average people think about some of the wasteful spending in the stimulus package. Needless to say people weren't too happy about how their tax dollars are being spent:

Barack Obama continues to place the blame and point fingers at Republicans, this time telling a crowd in Philadelphia, Pa., that "Republicans messed up so bad" that it’s their fault millions are still out of work.

See video below page break:

A young liberal group recently stripped down naked to show their, uh, support for ObamaCare. Well, now a young conservative group has produced a response video. Judge for yourself which one makes the better argument.

Another great video from Ben Howe has surfaced over at Eyeblast. This time he parodies the Facebook movie's trailer:

At the “One Nation Working Together” rally in Los Angeles on Saturday, actor Danny Glover took the podium. Judge for yourself the coherence and importance of his message:

A new video chronicling how Americans feel and what they should do about it in November is out today. However, this video doesn't come from any large organization but, instead, it comes from a small business owner and conservative activist.

NewsBusters sister site CNSNews.com recently caught up with Obama's science czar John Holdren. When questioned about his comments on de-developing the United States Holdren had this to say:

Our friends at BulletPeople.com have come out with another awesome Jack Webb parody video. This time the famed "Dragnet" detective Sgt. Joe Friday is taking on President Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder over his treatment of Arizona in their attempt to deal with illegal immigration:

President Barack Obama sat down recently with NBC's Brian Williams to reinforce his support for the Ground Zero mosque. He also took the time to blame the media for the initial misunderstanding of his comments when he first weighed in on the issue.

Yet in the interview broadcast on August 29, there was no mention by the "Nightly News" anchor of how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) is at odds with Obama over the proposed location.

Newly uncovered audio recorded at a forum in 2006 shows Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Ground Zero mosque, reaffirming his belief that U.S. 'terrorism' fostered Islamic terrorism. (h/t Ace)

In a stunning display at a protest over the Ground Zero mosque, a Holocaust survivor was berated by a mosque supporter. The mosque supporter spews vulgarities at the holocaust survivor and at one point even says he "didn't learn his lesson". Content warning, we did not bleep out the profanities.

Recently Eyeblast went to New York City to interview people on the street about the Ground Zero mosque. One of the people we interviewed was a Muslim supporter of the mosque who tells Americans they need to "get over" 9/11.

Yesterday Eyeblast.tv went up to New York City to interview people about the proposed Ground Zero mosque. While there, we were able to interview a security guard outside of the mosque location who said he was a long-time friend and follower of the Ground Zero imam.

Liberals are constantly insisting that government spending will stimulate the economy and create lots of jobs. Here is all you need to know to realize how wrong that theory is (h/t Cubachi):

Just before he left for his vacation, New Jersey's conservative Republican governor Chris Christie announced his next reform initiative. That initiative is pension reform.

Now that both liberals and conservatives have coordinated protest movements it is fair to compare the two. Luckily sECULAR sTUPIDEST has put together a great video which shows the March 20th, 2010 Anti-War protest in D.C. and the March 20th, 2010 Tea Party in D.C. (Language Warning)