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Connor Williams was a summer 2014 and 2015 News Analysis Division intern for the Media Research Center, and is now freelancing for NewsBusters. He is currently a senior at the University of Michigan, studying political science. He is a native of Novi, Michigan. 

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The cheerleading for the president by MSNBC following the Supreme Court’s decision to affirm the federal subsidies in ObamaCare has been virtually ubiquitous. On the June 26 edition of Morning Joe, Eugene Robinson, Al Sharpton, and Mika Brzezinski were all jubilant about the high court’s decision, arguing that it will help to affirm the legacy of President Obama.

On June 26, following the Supreme Court’s decision to grant a constitutional right to marry for gay couples, NBC News broke in to cheer on the ruling. Pete Williams labeled it a historic ruling and fought back tears while reporting the 5-4 decision to Savannah Guthrie. 

Following Bobby Jindal’s Tuesday announcement that he is seeking the presidency in 2016, he has received heat from several mainstream media sources. They have argued Jindal is not a true Indian-American. NBC News continued this trend in an article on their website which suggested that many Asian-Americans and Indian-Americans are skeptical of the Louisiana governor. Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, argued that Asians and Indians reacted with “jokes, embarrassment, critique, and for a few, pride.”

On the June 24 edition of Hannity, National Review’s Mark Steyn was invited to the program to discuss the notion in much of the media that the Confederate flag is a Republican problem. Steyn slammed the history of the Democratic Party as one filled with hate: “The Democratic Party was the largest and most powerful institution supporting slavery in the English speaking world.”

On Wednesday, CNN Newsroom host Carol Costello and Democratic strategist Paul Begala attacked both the GOP and Jeb Bush for their positions on voter ID laws. Costello dismissed Republican voter ID concerns by asserting that there “are very few cases of voter fraud in our nation.” She added that, to critics, “it seems that they are trying to suppress the black vote.”

In continuing their series of interviews with the announced 2016 presidential candidates, Morning Joe welcomed Bernie Sanders to the program. Co-host Mika Brzezinski lauded the Sanders campaign for its early success and large campaign events. Brzezinski gushed that it’s “looking pretty good too! Your crowds are humongous.” She then positively cited a piece from the Washington Post which suggested that the senator’s campaign – based on the crowd sizes – could indicate that a “growing movement” is brewing in America. 

Barack Obama’s seemingly constant attacks on Fox News were a hot topic of conversation on the June 22 edition of The Kelly File. Megyn Kelly invited former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen and Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman to the program to discuss why the president complains about the cable network so frequently. Thiessen agreed with Obama’s statement in an interview with Marc Maron that people who watch Fox News are getting a completely different set of facts than those who read The New York Times

On Monday's The Kelly File, Ann Coulter and host Megyn Kelly hit liberal hypocrisy in reaction to a series of AP photos that appeared to show a gun pointed at the head of 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX). Both Coulter and Kelly were stunned that the AP actually suggested that these photos were unintentional. Coulter noted that this “is so outrageous. Don't insult our intelligence by saying, oh, we didn't even notice.”

Writing for Salon, political theorist Sean Illing dismissed wealthy people as entitled and vile, primarily using the California drought as an example. The headline of the article reads, ‘Rich people are the f**cking worst: The 1 percent’s vile new war on us all’. Illing started his piece with the ominous statement that rich people “rarely tell you how you how they really feel about poor people.” 

On the June 18 edition of The Kelly File, Dana Loesch of The Blaze destroyed fellow guest Nomiki Konst’s argument in favor of gun control. Reacting to the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, Konst pointed to Australia in an effort to show that gun control measures can be effective at reducing mass shootings and gun violence.

In the aftermath of the shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore ripped Fox News for its coverage regarding the motivations of the shooter, Dylann Roof. The Nightly Show host played clip after clip of hosts and guests on Fox News promoting the idea that the shooting could have been a religiously motivated attack.

Discussing the upcoming King v. Burwell decision on the legality of ObamaCare subsidies, Lawrence O'Donnell pushed the idea that Republicans would be culpable if the Supreme Court rules against the administration. On the June 17 edition of The Last Word, the host invited on the liberal trio of Ezra Klein, Dana Milbank, and Michael Tomasky to attack the Republicans for their irresponsibility and their supposed inability to come up with a replacement for the health care law. 

In a new piece on Slate, pro-abortion forces have found the latest element of the pro-life movement to attack: crisis pregnancy centers. In fact, the headline of the piece, written by Meaghan Winter, wonders why “crisis pregnancy centers aren’t illegal.” The caption below the headline claimed that the pregnancy centers “peddle false and misleading information.”

Reacting to Rachel Dolezal’s interview with MSNBC during which the former Spokane NAACP president claimed to identify as black, CNN brought on Charles Blow of the New York Times and cultural critic Michaela Angela Davis to discuss the situation. They both dismissed the idea that Dolezal could identify as black, saying it represents white privilege. 

Yet again, MSNBC has revived the narrative that Hillary Clinton is good at dealing with the press and answering questions. Making an appearance on Monday's Rachel Maddow Show, Andrea Mitchell talked up Hillary as being “so good and adept” at handling the press. At least Mitchell added that Clinton had struggled to respond to questions “about the emails and at some points during her book tour.” 

Transgenderism is so yesterday. It’s time to “discuss” transracial issues! That, of course, according to a guest on the June 15 edition of MSNBC’s NewsNation. Tamron Hall invited Earl Hutchinson – a radio host and prominent author on racial issues – to the program to chat about the still unfolding story surrounding Rachel Dolezal, the now former head of the Spokane NAACP who lied about being black.

The June 10 edition of The Last Word featured all the predictable elements of a liberal media discussion on abortion. Host Lawrence O’Donnell invited Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, former Democratic congressman Barney Frank, and the Jeremy Peters of the New York Times to the program to bash the Republican “war on women.” The discussion concerned a proposed 20-week abortion ban that’s currently stuck in the Senate.

Salon has never met a political subject that they couldn’t twist into a race issue. That trend continued in their latest hit piece, this one on right-leaning libertarians. Author Conor Lynch suggested that libertarians owe their political positions to their desire to protect white male dominance.

On the June 10 edition of MSNBC Live, Thomas Roberts chose to highlight a non-scientific poll that showed several Republican candidates for president polling behind Voldemort from Harry Potter. MSNBC Live regular Frances Rivera noted that the Terminator, the shark from Jaws, and Lord Voldemort all had higher favorability ratings than many of the major Republican players.

Carrying on the media’s continued effort to poke at Christians, Conan O’Brien cracked a joke, suggesting that evangelicals’ supposed intolerance of gay people may be coming to an end:  “Across the country, some evangelical groups are starting to take a second look at the Bible’s stance on gay people. Yeah, they're taking a second look at it. They're noting that if you count Joseph and God,  Jesus had two daddies.”