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Connor Williams was a summer 2014 and 2015 News Analysis Division intern for the Media Research Center, and is now freelancing for NewsBusters. He is currently a senior at the University of Michigan, studying political science. He is a native of Novi, Michigan. 

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On Monday's With All Due Respect, Bloomberg's John Heilemann confirmed all of Obama’s questionable statements on the success of ObamaCare by relying on what Bloomberg considers fact checking: "I'm sure the RNC will disagree with that and a lot of conservatives will claim that these numbers are all cooked in one way or the other, but the fact is that those things seem to ring true to the people who know most about health care policy."

Following the the first annual ‘Roast and Ride’ this past weekend in Iowa for the Republican presidential candidates, Seth Meyers took to mocking the entire event and the GOP contenders who attended for “making lame pig puns.”

After playing clips from Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham, and Iowa senator Chuck Grassley making various pig references, Meyers shouted: “Yikes! Can no one make a joke without falling back on a pig pun? Mike Huckabee, you can do this.”

The liberal media virtually never recognize the glaringly obvious fact that the Democratic Party has moved far to the left in recent years. Almost without exception, they harp on the idea that the Republicans have shifted to the right, while suggesting that the Democrats are in mainstream. 

On the June 8 edition of CNN Newsroom, host Carol Costello was skeptical of Scott Walker’s support for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Costello seemed bewildered that Republicans like Walker could take such a stand given the increasing popularity of same-sex marriage. She asked Republican strategist Ron Christie to weigh in on the likely presidential candidate’s position:

Reacting to Rick Perry’s announcement that he is running for president, MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski cheered the former Texas governor’s populist message. After playing a clip of Perry saying the “American people see a rigged game where the insiders get rich [and] the middle class pays the tab,” on Friday's Morning Joe Brzezinski couldn’t contain her excitement. She shouted: “It’s Elizabeth! It’s Elizabeth! It’s Elizabeth!” 

After an interview of Pam Geller on New Day on Thursday, CNN’s At This Hour followed up with a testy interview of Geller’s colleague Robert Spencer, who ripped the media for their unwillingness to confront radical Islam: "They are trying to say you have to do what we say, you have to not do what we want, and do what we want, and if you do not, we will kill you. And the mainstream media, including CNN, is going along."

In an effort to take advantage of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s position on abortion in the case of rape, All In host Chris Hayes labeled the likely Republican presidential candidate’s statements the “first Todd Akin moment of the 2016 campaign.” Hayes was seemingly upset over a 20-week abortion ban that may – or may not – include exceptions for pregnancies that resulted from rape or incest.

In reaction to Bruce Jenner's transition and Mike Huckabee’s controversial comments on transgenderism and gender-neutral bathrooms, a panel of CNN experts ripped the former Arkansas governor for his supposed insensitivity. The June 2 edition of OutFront featured Daily Beast editor-in-chief John Avlon and HLN host Dr. Drew Pinsky, and they both lambasted Huckabee repeatedly by insinuating that he doesn’t view transgender people as human beings. 

The media’s outpouring of positive headlines regarding Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner’s transition to a woman continued on the June 2 edition of The Rundown. Host Jose Diaz Balart interviewed transgender activist Michael Silverman on the subject, and they both lauded her physical appearance. Toward the end of the conversation, Balart went over the top, using Jenner’s transition to voice his concerns about tolerance: 

Pointing to 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s declining poll numbers when it comes to favorability and honesty, a panel on Morning Joe discussed the implications of these numbers on the former First Lady’s campaign. While host Joe Scarborough and former Bush staffer Nicolle Wallace agreed that the numbers are concerning, the New York Times’ Jeremy Peters was frustrated by the campaign’s strategy: 

Stepping away from his colleagues in the Hollywood left, actor Vince Vaughn strongly championed gun rights and the Second Amendment in an interview with the British edition of GQ magazine. Vaughn noted that mass shootings have “only happened in places that don’t allow guns." The actor identified the true purpose of the right to bear arms: 

During a discussion about Jeb Bush’s early struggles in the 2016 presidential campaign, Morning Joe co-host Mike Brzezinski slammed the former Florida governor for being a “hypocrite about all his money.” 

On the May 29 edition of CNN Newsroom, Carol Costello brought on Bill Nye “the science guy” (who is not a scientist) to lecture conservatives about the supposed importance of climate change. Prior to the interview Costello introduced Nye as someone who is “ready to fight the haters,” and resorted to the usual liberal talking point: “Before we begin, I just want to say 97 percent of scientists say climate change is real and much of it is driven by man, so let's go on.”

In a surprising segment, ABC’s 20/20 highlighted several cases of freeloading by people looking to fraudulently claim disability. While the program did not get to the heart of the matter – just how easy it is to claim disability and the skyrocketing cost of the program – noting a major flaw in an expensive government program is rare for a liberal network like ABC. 

In the wake of the sexual abuse controversy surrounding the Duggar family, CNN Tonight host Don Lemon brought on CNN political commentators Mark Lamont Hill and Ben Ferguson to discuss the family’s previously close relationship with the Republican Party. While Hill and Ferguson agreed that the GOP must distance themselves from the Duggars, things got heated when Ferguson said that the family should be held to a higher standard. 

The cheering section for Bernie Sanders (I-VT) at MSNBC is growing with each passing day. Wednesday night, Rachel Maddow was upbeat about the self-described socialist’s chances in the 2016 presidential election, complaining the media have unfairly dismissed Sanders’ ability to compete with Hillary Clinton: “The beltway media has been treating Bernie Sanders almost like a gadfly, somebody who exists only to pester Hillary Clinton to move to the left during the primaries.”

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul stopped by for a visit on the May 26 edition of the Daily Show, where host Jon Stewart attacked the Kentucky senator for his position on religious liberty. Stewart argued that Christians already serve sinners anyway, so serving gay weddings shouldn’t be any different:

Contrary to when Ted Cruz announced he was seeking the presidency, the extremist label has hardly been applied to self-avowed Democratic-Socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as he prepared to launch his 2016 campaign with an event in Vermont. While the mainstream press frequently labeled Cruz radical, dangerous, and slimy, no such words were used to describe the Vermont Senator on the May 26 edition of The Rundown with Jose Diaz Balart. In fact, guests Mark Murray and Steve Kornacki both gave rather glowing reviews of Sanders.

On the May 26 edition of Morning Joe, panelists Mike Allen, John Heilemann and Mark Halperin were all bullish about Hillary Clinton’s prospects for creating a wave that could carry down-ballot Democrats to their own election victories in 2016. Allen happily noted that Democrats were using “the historic element of her candidacy and the higher turnout that you traditionally get in a presidential year” to help propel down-ballot candidates in House, Senate and state races. 

On the May 21 edition of All In, host Chris Hayes devoted time to bashing Republicans for lacking any advantage on wedge issues. Hayes took Jeb Bush’s comments – where he dismissed the idea that climate change is settled science – as a general example that Republicans are in a weak position on climate change, immigration, and gay marriage.