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Journalistic integrity took another Monday afternoon on MSNBC, with another casualty in the liberal plot to paint President Trump as a closet neo-Nazi Klansman. Piling in on the liberal media frenzy following Saturday’s sad events at Charlottesville, MSNBC’s Chris Jansing anchored a segment with Trump critic Mark Potok, formerly of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Liberal media outlets have now fully entered tin foil hat mode en masse, but none so more as the failing New Republic. And leading this merry band of lunatics is it’s Editor-at-Large Bob Moser, who today penned an article titled ‘Donald Trump, Neo-Nazi Recruiter-in-Chief’.

In this world of Republican Presidents and Republican congressional majorities, it seems like the mainstream media just isn’t being biased enough. So says Vox Correspondent, and all around liberal mouthpiece, Carlos Maza.

On Thursday, The Hill reporter Joe Concha put the media on notice. Speaking about the news that a staffer for Florida Congresswoman and former Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz had been arrested trying to flee the country, he blasted the liberal media for ignoring the scandal.

Did you know that praying for someone you might disagree with politically is heresy, or that Christianity is just another special interest group? Well now you do, all thanks to the guests on the Saturday segment of AM Joy.

Liberals across the news media have lost their collective cool this week as a result of the SCOTUS Travel Ban decision, but none so more as New York Times contributing writer Wajahat Ali, who recently voiced his controversial opinion in a recent Atlantic video.

Keith Olbermann has recently made public his grievances with media bias on Trump, but don’t get too excited because his nutty argument is that the liberal press is not going far enough in exposing “the worst set of crimes in American history.”

On Sunday's MSNBC morning show AM Joy, host Joy Reid made the shocking accusation that newly elected Congresswoman Karen Handel "specialized" in "voter suppression" when she served as Georgia's secretary of state. Panelist Tara Dowdell’s claimed that “Voter suppression is still an issue in this country and it's not getting enough attention, and it's only getting worse.” Reid replied: “Karen Handel specialized in that when she was secretary of state in Georgia.”

On Thursday, Vox’s Carlos Meza released a Video on its YouTube channel comparing President Trump to Latin American dictator Hugo Chavez. This in addition to flatly calling the President a “Threat to democracy” in the same video.

On Monday, a 2016 Huffington Post article titled “North Korea Proves Your White Male Privilege Is Not Universal” was updated following the death of its subject, Otto Warmbier. Although some bold wording is no longer seen in the article, the article has kept all of the controversial parts that led many to blast its insensitivity when it was first published.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid accused Republicans of trying to “make themselves the victim” on her Sunday show, not even a week after the attempted assassination of GOP lawmakers.

The liberal website Vox has recently released an article and video that calls for its adherents to not trust their own federal government, so long as President Trump is in office. This coming from the Editor-in-chief of Vox.

On Tuesday, the PBS NewsHour featured a report on teaching public school students to spot fake news on the internet. One of the articles that PBS gave as an example was a Breitbart article about religious freedom in the military.

Saturday on MSNBC’s AM JOY a panel of all Trump critics decided to blame the sitting President for all hate crimes on U.S soil for the past two years, forgetting he’s only been president for 136 days.

On Thursday night’s PBS NewsHour, Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) called out anchor Judy Woodruff for using a much different style of questioning than she used for Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown of California. 

This week, Keith Olbermann, host of the GQ's web show ‘The Resistance’, launched into an unhinged rant and openly called for the arrest of White House adviser and President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner for doing something that isn’t even illegal. Finally having found a home at GQ News after being fired from other outlets for breaking ethics rules, Olbermann has become a leader of "the resistance" to the new administration by playing to the hard left on his "news segments" posted to the magazine's YouTube channel.

Did you know that Medicaid spending isn’t even a big deal? So says Sasha Pudelski, a spokesperson for of the DC lobbying outfit AASA, when she was interviewed by PBS’s William Brangham who didn’t seem to find anything wrong with that statement.