NYT Writer Rails at Travel Ban; Calls For ‘Coalition of the Willing'

June 29th, 2017 4:17 PM

Liberals across the news media have lost their collective cool this week as a result of the SCOTUS Travel Ban decision, but none so more as New York Times contributing writer Wajahat Ali, who recently voiced his controversial opinion in a recent Atlantic video.

Ali, a former host of the now defunct Al Jazeera America, released what could only be described as a tirade on the American rule of law. He began his June 28th soap-box speech on the SCOTUS decision, saying “The Supreme Court ruling on the Muslim Ban proves America is a beacon of liberty for every community - except mine.”



Keeping with the liberal tradition of ignoring the fact that the Travel ban only affects 12 percent of the Muslim world, Ali went on to speak of his children, saying “I am now forced to tell my two, caramel skinned children with Arabic, multi-syllabic names that their country might no longer want them.” Ali is disappointed that the Travel ban may make his children feel unwelcome in their own country, so instead of risking the probability of that not happening naturally, he goes ahead and does it himself!

Ali described himself as “galvanized” and that he sees this made up crisis as an opportunity. To do what? Well to force your children to adopt your political beliefs, saying:

They expect us to sit down. But I’m going to tell my kids to throw down. As a minority in America, we were taught that we would have to fight. Get off the sidelines and get in the ring. And I’m going to train my young Jedis Ibrahim and warrior princess Nusyaba to marshal all their privileges, their resources, their allies, and create a multicultural coalition of the willing.



Ali’s last comment though is most puzzling. In his strategy to politicize his children, Ali said that they may one day “make that happen with their pen, sitting in black robes, as future Supreme Court Justices.” Maybe his children should tell him that fighting activist judges are not what this country stands for.