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Curt Schilling will not be muzzled. While speaking on the The Drive, with Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison on Sports Radio 610 in Kansas City, the MLB analyst and outspoken conservative answered a few questions on politics after talking some baseball.

Erin Andrews, formerly of ESPN and currently of Fox Sports, took the stand on Monday as part of the civil trial she’s pursuing against the Nashville hotel where a man videotaped her undressing through her hotel room peephole.

The apparent attempt to smear Peyton Manning on his way out the door continued unabated on ESPN’s Around the Horn, Monday afternoon.

This year when ESPN decides who should receive their Courage Award, they might want to consider giving it to one of their own.

The politically correct, pearl-clutching, metrosexual hot-take machine went full supernova in the aftermath of Sunday’s Super Bowl game as Peyton Manning, deluged with the inevitable questions about whether or not he was going to retire after winning the game, responded with a to-do list that pretty much any normal, red-blooded American male would endorse.

There are many awful analogies made in the world of sports. Among them Dan Hampton saying that the Vikings were going to hit New Orleans “like Katrina,” and Nick Saban likening Bama’s loss to Louisiana-Monroe to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

ESPN analysts discussed the issue of race in sports on Wednesday (not surprising) and actually highlighted a salient point of truth (I’ll give you a second to pick yourself up off the floor).

So, just when you thought ESPN was beyond help, completely irredeemable, and more than happy to overlook any slight or attack on people of faith in order to uphold their completely biased, near company-wide anti-Christian bias...all of a sudden, they surprise you. A little, anyway.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith envisions a world where there is a woman coaching in some capacity, “at every level in professional sports.”

ESPN’s Bomani Jones thinks that Donald Trump’s supporters are people who merely “revel in their whiteness.” Which should make for totes awesome television the next time Bomani interviews former Heisman winning running back Hershel Walker aka “the reveling whitey” on the air.

It took ESPN’s Bomani Jones about an hour and a half into Tuesday night’s CNN GOP debate (pretty strong for him actually) before he did what he does best, and let his race flag fly.

There is a new face of white privilege in America, and it’s not a millennial having brunch in a Manhattan restaurant while getting publicly ridiculed. Oh no, the new face of white privilege is Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. Well, according to ESPN’S Stephen A. Smith anyway.

ESPN’s college football analyst Danny Kanell broke omerta at the four-letter network on Tuesday and called out the liberal media, most ably represented by The New York Times.

ESPN’s nosedive quest to find the absolute bottom of the cultural and moral pit appears to continue unabated. On the network’s Heisman House Voting Site, which is sponsored by Nissan, ESPN removed the name of Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds, which had appeared next to the name of other leading Heisman candidates.

In this week’s edition of “Oh my God, I can’t believe that ESPN guy said that! How in the world has he not been suspended yet?!” we actually harken back to last week, for while you and yours were preparing to gather with kith and kin to celebrate the joyous holiday and giving thanks for the abundance that hath been bestowed upon us, ESPN’s Bomani Jones was doing all he could to sow the seeds of race-mongering hate.

Because racism is seemingly the answer to everything at ESPN, analyst Robert Flores was able to easily ask and answer his own question during a highlight reel on SportsCenter when he openly wondered why the Chief’s Travis Kelce wasn’t getting the same amount of criticism for his end zone celebration as Cam Newton received for his.

On Monday’s edition of Around the Horn on ESPN, analyst J.A. Adande was asked whether he bought or sold Redskin Jason Hatcher’s claim that calls --specifically an illegal hit call on Redskin Chris Culliver-- were due to bias on the part of officials toward the Redskins name.

So, pretty much the most ironic and poetically just thing, ever, happened today in the Cowboys locker room. Or, maybe it didn’t. I must insert the disclaimer, since so many n-word accusations turn out to be so much bunk. But if what I’m about to tell you truly went down as Dez Bryant says it did, this is beyond rich.

In an ESPN article written by Senior Writer Elizabeth Merrill, she lauds the bravery of Jonathan Butler, the head of the Concerned Students 1950 organization at Missouri, and the student who went on a hunger strike to get former University System President Tim Wolfe ousted.

Grantland was one of ESPN’s affinity sites along with Nate Silver’s Five-Thirty-Eight, and the still yet to be fully developed Undefeated. But though we bury Grantland today, it actually died months ago when ESPN parted ways with its inspiration Bill Simmons.