What was once anomalous bias by omission is now a familiar monthly ritual. The nation’s leading Spanish-language networks can’t seem to wrap their heads around the idea of having to report on the Trump administration’s jobs numbers within the Hispanic community, and if they do so, the report must end on some kind of sour note. The November report was no exception.

Every story is supposed to have two sides. But when it came to reporting the impeachment findings of the House Republicans on the Intelligence Committee vs. the Democrats’s report, the nation’s Spanish-speaking news networks tipped the balance in favor of the Democrats, by a margin of nearly 2 to 1.

Las buenas noticias siempre son bienvenidas, especialmente cuando afectan nuestros propios bolsillos. Sin embargo, un informe reciente de Telemundo sobre las remesas de Estados Unidos a México, más que una noticia, lució como una promoción a un banco español con una filial en México.

Good news is always welcome, especially when our own pockets are concerned. However, a recent Telemundo report about remittances from the United States to Mexico went overboard in plugging a Spanish bank with a subsidiary in Mexico. 

It is known that immigration advocacy is the cornerstone of Univision’s “Agenda Latina,” the first issue among many others for which the network advocates. Transgenderism is also one such issue, and the network is not above inserting its agenda into its coverage by any means necessary.

The nation’s leading Spanish-language news network continues to inject its opposition to President Donald Trump into every possible angle. The most recent instance of institutional bias is reflected in a report on a recent study by the American Heart Association.

CNN political commentator, The View contributor and erstwhile Republican “strategist” Ana Navarro is now fit to deem racial authenticity, based on recent tweets. It all started with a tweet reacting to a poll that showed a 34 percent approval rate among President Donald Trump with African-Americans.

In its zest to twist factual news to fit the strategy of liberal media moguls behind the scenes at the news desks -Spanish-speaking networks included – a surprising angle came up regarding the standing ovation given to President Donald Trump and First Lady, Melania, at a college football game in Alabama.

Las verdaderas intenciones detrás de un informe de Telemundo sobre cómo las latinas están "labrando el poder y la influencia" en la nación flotan a la superficie como un pez muerto- a saber: alinear este emergente y poderoso grupo demográfico con la agenda de "influencer" de izquierda en Comcast NBC NBC Universal.

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos is at it again, telling foreign media what he really thinks of his primary audience in the United States. As usual, his ire is directed at Hispanics who dare stray from orthodoxy and, for varying reasons, either stay away from Democrats or outright support Donald Trump.

The true intentions behind a Telemundo story on how Latinas are “harnessing power and influence” in the nation rise to the surface like a dead fish- to wit: aligning this up and coming, powerful demographic with the left-leaning “influencer” agenda at Comcast NBC Universal. 

Tal parece que el público estadounidense no está precisamente obsesionado con las vistas demócratas de residenciamiento (impeachment). El pasado viernes, las vistas en su segundo día de transmisión en vivo lograron atraer un promedio de 12.7 millones de televidentes combinados entre las cadenas ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, y Telemundo entre otras.