Jack Dorsey Says Twitter Still ‘Most Important Public Square’

June 13th, 2023 6:09 PM

Anti-free speech Jack Dorsey just claimed that his pro-censorship tenure was generally characterized by “fairness,” and that the platform remains “the most important public square.”

Former Twitter CEO Dorsey went on the Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar podcast, where he absurdly defended the censorship his company engaged in. He confessed that he was “surprised” by the “level of engagement” between the federal government and Twitter to censor free speech, and admitted he and his employees “could have done better.” Dorsey even acknowledged that he might have been at fault in his leadership, a weak apology for the intense censorship that even impacted the 2020 presidential election. Ultimately, however, Dorsey defended Twitter as “the most important public square in the world” that “generally did the right thing” when he was CEO.

Co-host Saagar Enjeti asked Dorsey whether he thought The Twitter Files bombshells depicted an “accurate” representation of the platform’s decision-making under Dorsey’s leadership. As reported by MRC Free Speech America, The Twitter Files revealed the platform’s draconian collusion with the federal government to suppress conservative speech. Dorsey responded, claiming he thought the release of the “full corpus” of documents would provide the “context” he claimed is “missing.”

Dorsey tried to distance himself from responsibility for malign activities again. “My leadership style in the company was just to trust our folks,” Dorsey claimed, shifting uncomfortably. “There’s a lot of stuff in The Twitter Files that, you know, I never saw,” he added. “I was surprised by the level of engagement with government agencies.” Could the CEO have really been so unaware of important activities with government agencies?

Twitter “remains the most important public square in the world right now,” Dorsey offered as another supposed excuse, whining that Twitter’s status made it “so challenging to work in that environment … It creates stresses.”

Why does Dorsey want sympathy after targeting free speech, sometimes at the government’s bequest?

Dorsey even shockingly argued that the Twitter censors acted with “fairness, I think they generally did the right thing.” He admitted censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, censorship which helped steal the 2020 presidential election, was among Twitter’s “mistakes.” Nevertheless, Dorsey defensively claimed, his employees were “good people” who were supposedly “doing their best.”

“I wish, in retrospect, I was a little bit more hands-on,” Dorsey confessed. Noting that his focus had been on growing the platform and increasing revenue, not on content moderation, he said, “I didn’t focus on that area as much as I probably should’ve.”

New Twitter owner Elon Musk arranged for the release of The Twitter Files to expose its previous heavy censorship. Musk has repeatedly affirmed his dedication to free speech, although censorship did initially increase under his ownership, and has still continued amongst the rank-and-file under his leadership. 

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