ObamaCare's individual mandate is adding another headache for taxpayers this year.

Chris Matthews gave guest Harry Reid (D-Nevada) a softball interview tonight wherein the Senate Minority :eader blamed Republicans on a lack of comity in the world's greatest deliberative body and insisted Democrats had always opposed extreme delay-and-deny tactics for presidential judicial nominations. Although this is patently false, Matthews didn't challege his assertions.

If you read The New York Times "conservative" columnist David Brooks, you might better grasp the chasm between true and phony conservatives, between Reagan conservatives and establishment Republicans.

For anyone whose knowledge of history extends beyond the current season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" or the latest instant replay of an NFL game, the four days of meetings involving Iran's president Hassan Rouhani, European leaders and businesses should remind people we have seen this show before.

This week, as President Obama delivers his final State of the Union address, PBS's panel oozes over his "keen, analytical intelligence," with historian Doris Kearns Goodwin saying Obama's speech "reminded me of George Washington's Farewell Address." Meanwhile, PBS's Tavis Smiley slams GOP frontrunner Donald Trump as a "racial arsonist," CNN's Erin Burnett thinks today's Republicans are so extreme they "would hate" Ronald Reagan, and MSNBC's Chris Matthews slams conservative radio host Mark Levin as "one of the most distasteful human beings out there."

Just under two weeks after ABC’s Terry Moran took a fawning trip down memory lane longing for the days when he covered the 2008 Obama campaign, former NBC News correspondent and current CBS News Sunday Morning correspondent Lee Cowan followed suit as Sunday’s program featured an interview with President Obama. “He’s overseen shrinking unemployment, a growing job market, a reduction in the number of Americans without health insurance and diplomatic breakthroughs on both climate policy and relations with Cuba...”

Once again, President Obama appears to have overreached his executive authority with an administrative move that circumvents the plain intent of the law, all in order to curry diplomatic favor with the Islamic Republic of Iran. But rather than cover the development in a neutral fashion, the Washington-based The Hill newspaper set out to tar Republicans as seething hotheads who can barely contain their rage.

The arrest-and-release of 10 U.S. Navy sailors by the Islamic Republic of Iran was a diplomatic success story for the Obama administration, according to MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin and Kate Snow.

ABC’s post-State of the Union coverage featured a number of predictably liberal takes on Tuesday, but some opposing viewpoints were able to break through with one criticism being chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz slamming the President’s characterization of many ISIS fighters as “guys in pickup trucks” because those same men “still are in charge of Mosul in Iraq” and “huge swaths in Syria.”

"The lessons that he has had to teach, the elementary lessons of governing that he has struggled to teach this Congress is something that no one else has had to go through," harumphed Lawrence O'Donnell during post-State of the Union coverage on MSNBC.

Consider this your special Open Thread for State of the Union night. To kick things off, here's a funny tweet by @GayPatriot.

In one of his last gasp efforts to "fundamentally change" America, President Obama is taking executive action -- because he knows he never would get Congress to agree -- to keep guns out of the hands of people he claims should not have them.