On CNN's New Day Thursday, co-host Chris Cuomo grilled Oklahoma Representative Tom Cole regarding the unfolding news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions interacted with the Russians during the Trump presidential campaign, depsite then-Senator Sessions testifying during his confirmation hearing that although he served as a campaign "surrogate," he "did not have any communications with the Russians." The interview comes in the midst of calls for Sessions to recuse himself or resign. Cole brushed off the calls as "hysteria" and said that the Democrats are still upset over losing the last presidential election.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl, alongside Martha Raddatz, filled in for George Stephanopoulos as host of This Week on Sunday February 9 and used the opportunity to hit Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK) from the left on a myriad of issues. As of late, the ABC reporter has been especially tough on the Obama White House, but seemed to relish the opportunity to use Democratic talking points to attack the GOP congressman on Sunday.

Following a recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report which found that ObamaCare will discourage 2.5 million Americans from working in order to seek ObamaCare subsidies, Karl pressed Cole that despite the CBO report “being a gift to you guys but did you overplay it?

In 2004, Boston Globe reporter Nina Easton praised George W. Bush’s performance in the third presidential debate: “For a long time, they've ridden that tired horse of calling Kerry a liberal from Massachusetts and out of the mainstream, which doesn't, I don't think, play that well to swing voters.”

But in 2013, Nina Easton of Fortune magazine deeply adores calling conservatives out of the mainstream. In fact, they're so extreme they're childish. She thinks the Tea Party Republicans sound a lot like an obstinate brat in a children’s story by Maurice Sendak that pours syrup in his hair and gets eaten by a lion:

For a perfect illustration of why few conservatives wish to subject themselves to MSNBC, look no further than Rep. Tom Cole’s experience on the network’s Now with Alex Wagner. The Oklahoma Republican went into the lion’s den on Thursday’s Now, where the conversation was anything but fair and balanced – and certainly less than cordial.

Wagner and weekend host Karen Finney used the opportunity to blast Republicans for their opposition to ObamaCare, with Finney – a former DNC communications director – suggesting the law is about “life and death” for some people. All too often, Cole could barely get a word in edgewise as he was badgered by the dynamic duo. He was often cut off by the two MSNBC hosts, especially when talking about the approval ratings of ObamaCare:

In an interview with Congressman Tom Cole on Wednesday's NBC Today about the tornado that devastated his hometown of Moore, Oklahoma, co-host Matt Lauer saw an opportunity to hit congressional Republicans for daring to oppose pork barrel spending shoved into the Hurricane Sandy relief bill: "Back in January, you did something that a lot of your Republican colleagues did not do. You supported that bill for federal assistance, money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy." [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]