Barbara Walters didn't get everyone she wanted for her final "10 Most Fascinating People" special. According to an anonymous source who spoke to Radar Online, the three stars too elusive for Walters were rapper Jay Z and actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Downey Jr. These were part of a wish list that Walters started with before narrowing it down to her final list of ten.

"Typically, Barbara very carefully starts approaching people in September for the special, but she always accounts for getting turned down by some of her interview targets. They start with 30 names and narrow it down to get all the interviews done for Thanksgiving," the insider said. Meanwhile, has-been comedienne Sandra Bernhard hated Walters latching on to the "Duck Dynasty" crew:

Comedienne Sandra Bernhard called Bristol Palin a hooker on Wednesday's "The Joy Behar Show."

This was just a part of a televised hatefest reminiscent of the Lindsay Lohan film "Mean Girls" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

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All good things must come to an end, and so it is with Five for Five.

In our final installment, we look at the Top Five Outrageous Outbursts by liberal media journalists and/or celebrities over the past five years. We start with an honorable mention we just couldn't let pass without notice: Ted Turner from April 2008 predicting that global warming would lead to mass cannibalism.

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Joy Behar expressed confusion about the success of Sarah Palin's book because, according to the CNN Headline News/ABC talk show host, a lot of the former governor's "base doesn't even read."

Behar slammed Palin, as well as Glenn Beck, Carrie Prejean and other conservatives  during her "look back at 2009" edition of the "Joy Behar Show" that re-aired over Christmas weekend.

An "esteemed" panel consisting of comedians Sandra Bernhard, Mo Rocca and Dave Attell joined Behar in mocking this year's prominent voices on the right.

According to actress Sandra Bernhard, no "kid is going to watch something about sex and then run out immediately and do it."

Bernhard commented during a Nov. 5 segment on CNN's "Joy Behar Show" that focused on the upcoming threesome episode of CW's "Gossip Girl."

Behar asked Bernhard and her fellow panelists, actresses Aisha Tyler and Fran Drescher, what they thought about the Parents Television Council call for CW affiliates to pull the episode which reportedly contains a threesome scene.

"I don't think any kid is going to watch something about sex and then run out immediately and do it. I mean they may be titillated by it, they may find it, oh this is ooh," claimed Bernhard.

The Washington Post takes up anger-spewing leftist Sandra Bernhard Friday, and explains the sheer joy of watching her unload venom on Sarah Palin. Theatre reviewer Peter Marks began his review on the front page of the Style section: "No one does angry funnier than Sandra Bernhard.