During his opening monologue on Thursday’s Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon made a few jests toward Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and each of their chances of winning the 2016 presidential election. Fallon began the gag by playing a clip of Clinton speaking to the abortion group EMILY’s List on Tuesday night and asking if they “someday want to see a woman president of the United States of America” to which “the crowd,” Fallon said, “went crazy.”

On his Wednesday night Tonight Show program, host Jimmy Fallon took some time to poke fun at Democrats who boycotted the Netanyahu speech and then afterwards conducted a press conference to throw their temper tantrum about it. Fallon showed various "flustered" congressmen tripping over their words. Take a look.

Comedian Jimmy Fallon is a celebrity fraud's best friend. He's an answer to normal America's question: How do creepy stars get away with their grotesqueries? If you're lucky enough to sit by his late-night throne and join his cool-kid games, all your troubles will melt away. Funnyman Jimmy is not just a bread-and-circuses buffoon. He's the keeper of the pop culture immunity necklace.

Appearing on Tuesday's Tonight Show, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams joined host Jimmy Fallon in "slow-jamming the news" about President Obama's executive order granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. The comedy skit made sure to include the media's liberal spin on the topic – that obstructionist Republicans were just preventing Obama from getting things done in Washington.

Comedians can find the humor in anything, right? Or so Jimmy Fallon seems to think. 

Comedian Jimmy Fallon invited the “very talented actress” Jenny Slate (“SNL,” “Parks and Recreation”) on “The Tonight Show” August 1. During her appearance, Fallon applauded Slate’s recent role in the media-dubbed “abortion romantic comedy,” “Obvious Child.” Fallon explained, “It’s getting great reviews because it's a serious issue, but you make it lighthearted, you make it funny.” “Good for you,” he added. Continued after video.

Just a few days ago NewsBusters noted that Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has started making subtle jabs at President Obama.

In last night's monologue he joked with the crowd about the president's recent annual physical checkup, taking a swipe at ObamaCare. The president, Fallon deadpanned, had complained about some pain in his right foot, but, "when asked why he doesn't get it treated, Obama said it's not covered by ObamaCare."

With his approval ratings dropping and numerous scandals swirling around him it could be argued that America is going through Obama Fatigue right now. And maybe the President himself is getting tired of it all too.

Or at least that’s what Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon noticed when he took a jab at Obama on Wednesday night:

It was a tale of two slow-jam-the-news partners last night on NBC. Nightly News host Brian Williams offered some very serious reporting on the video circulating of President Obama pumping iron. On the other hand,Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon offered a more humorous take on the video.

Williams simply couldn’t fathom the privacy breach of such a video as the president’s work out regime is now being “critiqued” by millions -- well, probably more like billions. Gasp! Jimmy Fallon, seemingly more in tune with the American public, offered the more humorous – perhaps, more truthful side to the video, “I know it’s just the president working out, but it’s weird, right?” (Video below)

Sarah Palin made a surprise visit to NBC's Tonight on Wednesday. She conducted a mock interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin, played by host Jimmy Fallon.

Palin mocked Putin as "no match for a mama grizzly" and told him to get out of the Ukraine. Both enjoyed a laugh at Obama's NSA spying program, as well. Below is a video of the highlights:

“Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon had some tough words for ObamaCare following the deadline for people to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Speaking on Tuesday April 1, Fallon joked that regarding the 7 million Americans that have signed up for health insurance, “It's amazing what you can achieve when you make something mandatory and fine people if they don't do it and then keep extending the deadline for months.” [See video below.]

In an interview with Chelsea Clinton on Thursday's Tonight Show, comedian Jimmy Fallon told the audience "Go to Healthcare.gov" after Clinton prodded him to shill for the law.

"I told everyone to go there," Fallon said of his interview with Michelle Obama, and added "Go to Healthcare.gov." Clinton had teed him up as an "authority" on the issue and asked him to plug the website.

Comedian Jimmy Fallon isn't known for his animosity towards the Obamas, but he "burned" the President's health care law on Wednesday's Tonight Show.

Impersonating Russian president Vladimir Putin on a mock phone call with Obama, Fallon took a swipe at ObamaCare after the President accused him of forcing Russian allegiance upon Crimea: