Some left-wing pundits, anticipating that Donald Trump will lose on November 8, are pre-emptively trying to make sure that conservatives take the blame for Trump’s nomination. Gary Legum of Salon argued that right-wing news outlets “have both spent the better part of the Obama administration pushing the exact silly demagoguery  and conspiracy theories that riled up the conservative base and pushed it into nominating a demagogue of its own.” The Washington Monthly’s Martin Longman claimed that “other than John Kasich, at times, and short-timers like George Pataki and maybe Jim Gilmore, the rest of the field represented (or, at least, pandered to) a far right-wing conservative worldview that has been steeping in weaponized stupidity for the entire Obama Era.”

On Wednesday's CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin, as former Virginia Governor and former Republican National Committee chairman Jim Gilmore appeared as a guest to discuss what is likely to happen at the Republican National Convention, when the former RNC chair began listing some of the problems with Hillary Clinton that make it crucial for Republicans to unite and defeat her, host Baldwin dismissively labeled his criticisms as "talking points."

After GOP businessman Donald Trump hosted an episode of NBC's long-running Saturday Night Live program -- which drew the show's highest ratings in four years -- the network has decided to give other Republican presidential candidates “equal time” to match the 12 minutes Trump appeared during the Nov. 7 edition of the show.

According to an article posted by Dylan Byers on the CNNMoney website, the unusual offer was made in compliance with the Federal Communication Commission's “Equal Time” rules,


Friday's CNN Newsroom showed a classic liberal media double standard as a GOP guest was hit from the left substantially more on the gun issue as compared to a later Democratic guest who was just barely hit from the right. In the aftermath of Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Murphy's recent incendiary claim that congressional members -- referring mostly to Republicans -- who have opposed enacting more gun laws have "complicity" and are "sending a message of quiet endorsement of these murders," CNN host Poppy Harlow hit former Virginia Republican Governor Jim Gilmore almost entirely from the left.

CNN anchors on Wednesday night hit two Republican presidential candidates on the subject of gun control, wondering if Tuesday's horrific shooting in Roanoke, Virginia has prompted them to rethink their positions. Talking to Ben Carson, Don Lemon demanded: "After you watch a crime like this, does it make you question at all the role of guns in our society?" 

On Tuesday night, PBS aired its latest Frontline documentary aimed at attacking the NRA entitled "Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA." On multiple occasions, the program did its best to promote the activities of anti-gun activists while discrediting the efforts of the NRA to protect the Second Amendment. Throughout the hour long special, Frontline reporter Jim Gilmore highlighted several mass shootings over the past three decades, and the program expressed dismay at how the NRA could continue to successfully promote its agenda despite several high-profile shootings in America.

With Virginia as a battleground state in the 2008 election and given Democrat Barack Obama's damaging gaffe earlier this year about rural voters clinging "to guns or religion", a new gaffe by another Democrat should be worthy of media attention. It remains to be seen if the mainstream media will even notice. (h/t Reformed Chicks Blabbing)

Running to fill the seat being vacated by retiring Republican John Warner, former Gov. Mark Warner (no relation) has a healthy lead in recent polls and the admiration of a pliant media. Yet an audio recording of Warner at a Democratic Party gathering caught the candidate disparaging gun owners, home schoolers, and religious conservatives as "threatening to what it means to be an American."

Republican opponent and former Gov. Jim Gilmore has a campaign ad (embedded below the fold) that features the audio: