As media members continue to accuse the Tea Party of being racist due to the supposed lack of minority members, there is a conspicuous absence of diversity in blockbuster movies coming out of Hollywood this summer.

"With the notable exception of 'Karate Kid,' headlined by Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, most of the big-budget films hitting over the next few months star Caucasian actors," wrote Brent Lang of TheWrap Wednesday.

The article surprisingly continued (h/t Big Hollywood):

Proving the old adage that instead of sitting quietly letting everyone think you are an idiot one should speak up and prove it, funnyman John Cleese and Kung Fu action star Jackie Chan recently did some talking that they should probably have avoided. Apparently unaware that they've left office, Cleese unloaded on George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and seemed to say U.S. Marines weren't very sophisticated at a recent visit to Cornell University. For his part, Jackie Chan announced to the world that Chinese people "needed controlling" because all that darn democracy is just too "chaotic" for them. One wonders where Jackie thinks all his many millions of dollars have come from: communism or democracy?

Chan's comments were so ridiculous that even the communist Chinese government thought they were foolish enough to denounce in the Chinese press.