The press hit the lowest of lows (if that wasn’t already surpassed) when they asserted President Trump was responsible for the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso. They capitalized on the anti-immigrant beliefs held by the El Paso shooter to do so, while evading the leftist ideology of the Dayton killer. On Fox News Tuesday, The Five exposed the stories the liberal media concealed over the weekend in order to further their leftist agenda.

Not too long ago, the Left was going apoplectic about a Sarah Palin-affiliated website showing a map of targeted congressional seats denoted by crosshair symbols. MSNBC in particular was strong in condemning violent rhetoric in politics, suggesting that conservative rhetoric in particular could incite crazies to violence.

Fast forward to this week. On Sunday, YouTube user edbex posted video that shows South Carolina AFL-CIO president Donna DeWitt taking some whacks at a pinata with a black & white photo of Gov. Nikki Haley (R-S.C.) affixed to it (h/t Daily Caller's Matt K. Lewis). [Update: Our friends at our sister site MRCTV have the video as well; You can watch it embedded below the page break]