Thursday’s NBC Nightly News featured one of the classic tricks in the liberal media playbook as Capitol Hill correspondent Kasie Hunt declined to disclose the liberal activist history of a woman in her story about the Senate push to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Prior to the live shot at the end of her segment, Hunt explained that “all the uncertainty” about ObamaCare “worries Theresa Bohannan” because “[h]er son was born with a rare heart condition.”

Daily Beast political writer Patricia Murphy dutifully peddled Democratic spin on the economy and unemployment while singing the praises of Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller who led a breakaway contingent of fellow GOPers to invoke cloture on a Democratic bill to extend unemployment benefits without any offsetting spending cuts.

In her January 7 story "The Senate’s Last Compassionate Conservative Tries to Help the Jobless," Murphy quoted heavily from the junior senator from the Silver State and portrayed him as a profile in courage for daring to vote against a position staked out by the reviled (by liberals) conservative advocacy groups:

She's a seven-term Democrat representing Las Vegas in the U.S. House of Representatives and she's running in a U.S. Senate race which "observers believe could be a pickup for Democrats." But yesterday, Rep. Shelley Berkley (Nev.) received "a blow to her candidacy" when "[t]he House Ethics Committee... voted unanimously to launch a formal investigation into allegations" that the congresswoman "used her position to benefit the financial interests of her husband," Washington Post reporter Ed O'Keefe reported in a page A4 article in today's paper. Yes, that unanimous vote means that fellow Democrats want a formal investigation into Berkley.

But alas, O'Keefe was given no favors by Post editors who punished the reporter with a snoozer of a headline certain to interest hardly anyone beyond hard-core political junkies: "Nevada Rep. Berkley faces ethics investigation."