Ninety percent of Native Americans are not bothered by the nickname of the NFL's Washington franchise. Thus it's understandable that Indian high schools across the country sport nicknames like "Chiefs" and "Redskins." Those in the minority on that issue, including one of the foremost leftist rags among the media -- The Nation -- are deeply disturbed that the NFL would have the gall to schedule a game in Washington on Thanksgiving.

Tuesday's Washington Post devoted Metro section front-page real estate to the story of a Potomac, Md., homeowner clearing trees from his own property, painting the incident as a scandalous affront to the environment and to hikers on the nearby C&O Canal. Yet nowhere in Miranda Spivack's 22-paragraph article was any comment from property rights advocates who would argue that Lockheed Martin CEO Robert Stevens should not have to pay a fine for felling trees on his own property.

From the get-go, readers were treated to a thoroughly one-sided narrative in Spivack's October 9 article headlined "Lockheed CEO cited for tree-cutting." Here's her lead paragraph: