Moscow Massacre: Could It Happen Here?

March 31st, 2024 7:17 PM

A mass shooting at a concert hall in Moscow killed more than 130 people. With many others seriously or gravely wounded the number of dead is likely to rise.

The Islamic state released a statement claiming “credit” for the incident. Eleven suspects have been arrested. Early reports suggested the U.S. Embassy in Moscow had advance warning of the attack. The Daily Mail reported…


Evening Nets HIDE FBI Warning on ISIS-Linked Migrant Smuggling Network

March 12th, 2024 12:47 AM

Tonight’s evening newscasts turned a blind eye to an emerging threat along our southern border: a migrant smuggling network with ties to ISIS. It is difficult to find a rationale for doing so other than a willful refusal to report anything that would further damage the Biden administration (and/or campaign) on what is its weakest issue: immigration.

UNLEASHED! Jordan Issues Subpoenas to DOJ, FBI Over Censorship Scheme

August 18th, 2023 10:55 AM

The House Judiciary Committee just hit the scandal-ridden, corruption-filled Department of Justice with fiery subpoenas in connection to a damning investigation.

‘Wholly Inadequate’: Jordan Threatens to Hold FBI Director in Contempt

July 18th, 2023 4:11 PM

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) threatened to hold the anti-free speech FBI Director in contempt of Congress following a Congressional hearing.


Rep. Johnson Zeroes In on Wray’s ‘Demonstrably Untrue’ Claims

July 18th, 2023 11:05 AM

The FBI is coming under fire after blatantly stonewalling House Republicans.

ART OF THE DODGE: FBI Director Evaded GOP Questions 96 Times

July 14th, 2023 4:37 PM

House Republicans may have spent hours questioning embattled FBI Director Christopher Wray, but he spent much of that time dodging questions.


CNN Finds it ‘Insane’ the GOP Wants the FBI to Be Fair and Impartial

July 13th, 2023 11:35 PM

In yet another display of loyalty to its liberal taskmasters, CNN’s Thursday morning reporting on the House Judiciary Committee hearing with FBI Director Wray consisted of CNN This Morning anchors Phil Mattingly and Pamela Brown complaining about how the “Republican leaders destroy the credibility” of the FBI by “attacking someone like Chris Wray” in their hearing.


Mara Gay: Pro-Trump Americans Are Stupid, Ignorant, Nefarious

July 13th, 2023 6:37 PM

On the Thursday edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough and New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay took to the offensive to defend FBI Director Christopher Wray from Republican criticism.

In various segments, Morning Joe praised the FBI for targeting Trump and leveled blistering accusations at House Republicans. They blasted both GOP…


FBI Director Seemed Unfazed by FBI-Big Tech Censorship Collusion

July 13th, 2023 1:37 PM

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) grilled FBI Director Christopher Wray on the “explosive” court opinion that prevents the Bureau from colluding with Big Tech to censor Americans.

WATCH: Nadler Attempts to Run Cover for FBI’s Big Tech Collusion

WATCH: Nadler Attempts to Run Cover for FBI’s Big Tech Collusion

July 13th, 2023 12:47 PM

Jerry Nadler absurdly defended and even praised the FBI for its collusion with Big Tech to censor conservative voices.


CBS & NBC Ignore GOP Grilling FBI Director, ABC Whines Over GOP

July 12th, 2023 8:59 PM

As NewsBusters previously reported, FBI Director Christopher Wray was repeatedly grilled Wednesday by Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee over the weaponization of the FBI against conservatives. Due to the newsworthiness of the hearing as well as the many viral moments, the question was posed as to whether the three broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) would cover the hearing…

House GOP Holds FBI Director’s Feet to the Fire, Will Nets Ignore?

July 12th, 2023 6:06 PM

On Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray faced questions from the House Judiciary Committee about his alleged weaponization of the FBI against conservatives and Republicans. Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) led Republicans and several Democrats in condemning the FBI’s conduct and insisting it maintained a two-tear system of Justice. Major news outlets, including CNN and MNSBC, repeatedly refuted…


CNN: FBI Oversight Hearing Lacks ‘Substance,’ Just a ‘Food Fight’

July 12th, 2023 2:33 PM

On Wednesday’s CNN This Morning, anchors Phil Mattingly and Pamela Brown complained about FBI director Christopher Wray’s impending oversight hearing with the House Judiciary Committee panel. Along with several guests, including CNN political correspondent Sara Murray, CNN congressional correspondent Lauren Fox, and CNN legal analyst Elliot Williams, they whined about the Republicans…


Wray Claims FBI Fights CCP Censors, Ignores U.S. Censorship Collusion

July 12th, 2023 1:23 PM

In congressional testimony Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray stunningly boasted of his bureau’s supposed efforts to protect American free speech from Chinese censorship while blatantly ignoring the FBI’s own work to censor Americans’ speech.