The episode titled “Would You Buy Your Dad a Hooker?” of Netflix’s Chelsea turned into a team effort between billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban and CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash promoting the candidacy of Hillary Clinton for President and dissing Donald Trump.

The current episode of Chelsea is titled “It Felt Like Racist WrestleMania” and that is exactly how her guest Hasan Minhaj described attending the Republican National Convention. He went in "white face" make-up as his alter-ego “Chad Smith” just for grins – and because all Republicans are scary racists in his fragile little liberal world. Can you imagine a Republican pulling such a stunt and the outrage that would follow?

Chelsea Handler seems to be everywhere at once. The brash and crude Chelsea show host was a guest in a spate of recent interviews hosted by outlets like Harper’s Bazaar, Huffington Post and Politico. And although her words are often inflammatory, she is predictably never called out by the media. 

The liberal (disguised as non-partisan) voter registration group Rock the Vote received some free airtime on Friday afternoon’s MSNBC Live as host Thomas Roberts welcomed on celebrity backer and vulgar Netflix host Chelsea Handler to promote the group plus her plea for young women to vote so that more abortion-loving judges could end up on the Supreme Court.

A group of D-List celebrities gathered on Netflix’s Chelsea to discuss their time on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump and "commiserate" about "Trump f*cking up the country." 

Bashing Trump presumably took on a whole new meaning at a recent DC party where a “trumpiñata” was sighted. Yet, apparently, Politico did found that other news “trumped hate,” as coverage of the whackable Trump caricature was only briefly mentioned far down the page.   

Democratic Party political strategist and former State Rep. Vin Roberti and his wife Amy hosted a “midnight breakfast” along with Roberti’s colleagues Izzy Klein and Ashley O’Sullivan, and former Serbian Ambassador Vladimir Petrovic. Numerous congressmen and staffers, a governor and various business leaders were among the attendees; yet, a reader would have discovered the presence of the trumpiñata at the party only by slogging through the extensive guest list. Beating on Trump must not have upset Politico contributor Isaac Arnsdorf, as the journalist mentioned the piñata last in his detailed list of those “spotted” at the event.  

Turns out liberals support voter ID after all, as long as they think it hurts “insular” people – what the lefty elite think of conservatives.

In a DNC convention interview with Politico, vulgar comedian Chelsea Handler declared that only people who care about what is going on around the world should be allowed to vote – “you shouldn’t be able to vote without a fucking passport!”  

HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher was a guest on Netflix’s talk show Chelsea and, together with Chelsea Handler, he hit all of the following liberal talking points: Portraying police as power-hungry, racist cowards? Check. Promoting riots? Check. Calling Republican opposition to socialist liberals racist? Check. Demonizing hunting? Check. Toss in a few fat jokes and that’s the pretty much the whole show.

In “Vincente Fox & All Things Mexico,” Chelsea Handler celebrated the country of Mexico on her Netflix show. She stated that many Americans think Mexico is a great neighbor – “white, brown, black, but definitely not orange.” Ah, yes. Another show full of Trump bashing.

In “Trump Mania & Kegal Exercises,” Netflix’s Chelsea used three Mexican teenage girls – ages 14-16 – in her quest to regularly bash Donald Trump. The attack ended with Chelsea hoisting a piñata made in the likeness of Trump in public so a crowd would gather and help the teens smash it. Talk about overwrought aggression!

In the most recent episode of Chelsea on Netflix, “Ellen Page & Inspiring Role Models,” Chelsea Handler’s third grade teacher, Mrs. Schectman, and actress Florence Henderson were on the show because Chelsea fondly remembers their positive influence on her childhood. But the warm and uplifting message of two women who have made an impact on her life turned into a phony leftist anti-gun rant when actress and LGBT activist Ellen Page joined in. In the world of Chelsea Handler, guns are the problem – not the terrorists using them to kill Americans.

As liberals often do, Chelsea Handler exploited a group of young children for political gain. In the episode of Chelsea “Magic & GMOs with Lizzy Caplan, Bill Nye” on Netflix, she opened with a focus group of elementary-aged boys and girls.