With the gubernatorial elections for the states of Virginia and New Jersey coming up on November 7, parties are arming themselves for the last campaign stretch. Washed up liberal celebrity were only too happy to volunteer for the job.


Hollywood has its standards: President Trump isn’t allowed to politicize after a terrorist attack, but after a shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, actors and actresses can shred prayers, the NRA, and the GOP to bits and pieces.


The November 3 episode of Netflix’s Chelsea, titled “Gwen We Meet Again,” included a segment on the judicial system and "voter suppression." Jason Kander, President of Let America Vote, and Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bridget McCormack were the guests Chelsea Handler tasked with educating America (and herself).

The latest episode of Netflix’s Chelsea aired October 27 and it was quite a look into the liberal mind. In “Dinner Party: My American Experience”, Chelsea Handler uses an occasional format – that of a poolside dinner party at her home. Usually the guests are four liberals and one token conservative. This one is not different.

In the October 20th episode of Netflix’s Chelsea titled “Showing Up Matters”, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi talked about a White House dinner she recently attended. She demurely admitted she was the only woman at the table of Congressional and Senate leaders and then she proudly boasted that she corrected President Trump as he claimed to be the winner of the popular vote in last November’s election.

There’s one line politicians utter that always sets off a reporter’s Spidey senses. I’m leaving politics to spend more time with my family… That instantly sparks a media reaction. Is it true? Or does the politicians fear a scandal, a whupping on Election Day or something, gasp, even worse?

Far-left actress and talk show host Chelsea Handler announced in a Wednesday night statement on her Twitter account that her eponymous Netflix show would be cancelled at year’s end so she could devote her full attention to being a radical leftist advocating for pro-abortion women. Handler placed blame on President Trump, but she maintained that she’ll stay with Netflix for a future documentary on discussions with people she disagrees with.

The October 6 episode of Netflix’s Chelsea, titled “Hart of the Matter,” included a segment devoted to the extreme liberal rhetoric associated with the anti-gun crowd. The guests were Igor Volsky, Director of Guns Down and co-host of a podcast, and Kris Brown, co-president of The Brady Campaign and Center to Prevent Gun Violence. As expected, the scapegoats were Republicans and the gun lobby, specifically the NRA.

The September 28 episode of Netflix’s Chelsea titled “The Art of the Kneel” featured an interview with the NFL’s Reggie Bush and liberal activist and podcaster DeRay Mckesson. With her liberal white guilt on full display, Chelsea Handler told the two that she is angry with “white people of privilege” who don’t stand up for minorities in this country. “I’m mad that Tom Brady didn’t get down on one knee,” she said.

In the September 22nd episode of Netflix’s Chelsea titled “Game Changers,” leftist "comedienne" Chelsea Handler spent the “Apology Time” segment of her show apologizing to America on behalf of the Emmys for "normalizing" former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer who she calls, "a willing mouthpiece for a lying bucket of d*cks." Classy.

To liberal Hollywood, Trump is the worst thing that could possibly happen. So when North Korean dictator Kim-Jong Un referred to him as a “dotard,” celebrity activists were quick to condone the insult. After all, it’s what they’ve been saying for years.


While celebrities and media alike are coming up with all sorts of conspiracy theories about Russia hacking the elections, Chelsea Handler has come up with a conspiracy theory all her own.