Ana Navarro is a "moderate" Republican strategist that liberal journalists like, one who calls the social conservatives "GEICO cavemen."

So it wasn't completely surprising when she gaffed on Sunday's Meet the Press, suggesting that while working moms "lean in" to work, stay-at-home moms "lean back...on a rocking chair with a mint julep." She then added that they are "kept women," which is usually defined as a mistress!

A CNN contributor and GOP strategist condescendingly lectured opponents of legalized same-sex marriage on Tuesday night's Erin Burnett OutFront, scoffing that they need to "get in to the 21st century" and ditch the "losing political issue."

"It should not be a banner issue for the Republican Party," Ana Navarro claimed before insisting that same-sex marriage is "the most rapidly evolving social issue we have seen in our lifetime." She added that "folks who are in denial about this that have to get out of the closet. They have to wave goodbye to the GEICO caveman and step out gingerly and carefully into the brave new world."

After a Gallup poll showed abortion as the top issue among likely women voters, CNN's Carol Costello suggested Republicans are responsible – and not in a good way.

"Why now? Maybe it's because there's been so much controversial language surrounding the issue lately, like Congressman Todd Akin's 'legitimate rape' comments," said Costello, bringing in the Democratic talking points.