Kranky Kondracke Claims RNC Playboy Ad Designed to 'Stir Up Rednecks'

It's not just Chris Matthews who sees racial bogeymen behind the RNC's now-famous ad [view here] with a Playboy bunny inviting Harold Ford, Jr. to "call me."

On last evening's "Beltway Boys," normally-kindly moderate Mort Kondracke claimed the Republicans designed the ad to "stir up rednecks."

Mort's fellow "Boy," Fred Barnes, was having none of it:

"You have to be living in the 50's or 60's to think it is racist. . . There is absolutely nothing wrong. It amounts to the way Democrats play the race card and you fall for it."

I'd say "bada-bing," but wouldn't want to be accused of slurring Dems with a Sopranos reference ;-) I would say that Kondracke's crack was more insulting to southerners than anything the RNC aimed at Ford.

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