CNN's Jack Cafferty Sounds Like Ohio-Obsessed Olbermann On Leftist Radio Show

CNN's crusty "Situation Room" commentator Jack Cafferty appeared (again) on the leftist, Bush-bashing Stephanie Miller radio show Wednesday morning, promoting his upcoming special tomorrow night on "Broken Government." While he began by trying to be nonpartisan, and mentioning the Harry Reid financial non-disclosure, that Democrats are just a "different breed of weasel," he did end up sounding rather liberal in spots. Miller argued that votes aren't being counted because of President Clinton's mantra "when people vote, Democrats win." Cafferty replied that if people don't feel their votes are counted, then "this democracy's gone. We're trying to bring democracy to Iraq. Hell, we couldn't even bring it to Ohio." He sounds like Keith Olbermann, obsessing about Bush winning by "only" 120,000 votes in 2004.

After vexing Miller again by noting a Texas congressman is reporting that Hezbollah is sneaking over the Mexican border, he was asked about the new "torture" law signed by Bush -- allowing the CIA to continue to interrogate suspected terrorists. "It's just a disgrace," he said. When Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist was named, he said "all he's done is rubber-stamp those abuses for the White House...It's disgraceful. It's beyond disgraceful...It's obscene."

From "obscene," the Miller crew shifted to the Mark Foley scandal. Miller said Foley was a "pedophile." Cafferty said he was a "degenerate," but not technically a pedophile. He was upset that House Speaker Dennis Hastert hasn't been held accountable enough, comparing Bush's support for Hastert to "heckuva job, Brownie" support for the FEMA chief after Katrina. He said "somebody ought to go to jail for this stuff." He also said "This is the party of family values," and Bush ran on "bringing respectability and honesty back to the White House. Give me a break."

Earlier in the show, by the way, Miller was joking that Yahoo was asking for questions to interview Bush with, and she suggested "How's Condoleezza Rice in bed?" A few days ago, she was joking that former wrestling coach Hastert was homosexual. So much for liberal talk radio being civilized and factual.

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