CNN Anchor Describes Fox News Channel as ‘F-Word Network’

Jack Cafferty, the CNN host of the "Cafferty File" segment of the "Situation Room," today derided Fox News as "the F-word network." He also alluded to collusion in regards to an interview Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gave "The New York Post" editorial board. After being introduced by host Wolf Blitzer on September 26 at 4:11PM EDT, this exchange occurred:

Cafferty: "How you doing, Wolf? You mentioned Condoleezza Rice met with the editorial board of 'The New York Post' today, right?"

Blitzer: "Right."

Cafferty: "Yeah, ‘The New York Post’ is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the same guy that owns the F-word network, the Fox News channel, right?"

Blitzer: "Right."

Cafferty: "Just wanted to connect those dots for our viewers."

Blitzer: "Good."

Once assumes that by "connect[ing] those dots," Cafferty means that Murdoch was somehow using the NY Post to defend FNC over President Clinton's recent charges. 

This isn't the first time that Cafferty has used a vaguely profane term to describe Fox. He closed the segment with a bleak description of the situation in Afghanistan:

Cafferty: "Support in the United States for the war in Afghanistan is at an all-time low. A new CNN poll conducted by Opinion Research Corporation shows that only 50 percent of Americans support the war in Afghanistan. 48 percent oppose it. At the beginning of that war in 2001, 90 percent, Nine out of ten Americans, supported our efforts in Afghanistan. And as recently as 2003, two-thirds of Americans backed the operation. Part of the reason for the decline in support may be because Afghanistan is beginning to look more and more like Iraq. Just today, 17 people died in an attack in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber. The Taliban making a comeback in many parts of the country. There is a report today that in some places in Afghanistan, women are once again required to wear a burqa when appearing in public. That's progress. And Afghanistan’s opium cultivation is up 59 percent this year over a year ago, contributing mightily to the world's heroin problem. So here is the question: ‘Why is support for the war in Afghanistan declining? Among Americans?’E-mail your thoughts to caffertyfile@cnn.Com. Or go to Wolf?"

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