Appeasement Mentality Should Have Economic Price for U.K.

(h/t: MsUnderestimated.) Today on Neal Cavuto, the usual panel was on, including Ben Stein and Stuart Varney. The topic was whether or not the events of yesterday and today would have an impact on our economic outlook. Ben Stein talked about a nation “bound together by the silk and threads of airline travel,” and how when those threads are frayed, it will strain us. However, he opined that if we let that happen, the terrorists win. (brief video to follow from MsUnderestimated) Stuart Varney then talked about a recent poll of British Mulslims, and this even took my breath away!
Varney: I think that the British have to get used to the economic negative impact of having a large hostile and murderous minority living in their midst.

Stein: Bravo, bravo.

Varney: A recent poll of British Muslims found that 7% found suicide bombing acceptable; 20% found it acceptable if it was directed against the British military…

Cavuto: Really??

Varney: … and 37% found it acceptable if it was directed at British Jews!

Cavuto: Oh, my GOD!

Stein: (audible gasp of disbelief)

Varney: That means a half-million people in Britain have a near-Nazi mentality, and there’s an economic price for that situation.
I agree with Stuart. Whether it’s by force or consequence, the European countries as a whole will wind up paying a very dear economic price for their appeasement mentalities. Video here.
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