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Everybody see the Saddleback Civil Forum last Saturday night? Well, we all know the candidates went separate for their interviews with Pastor Rick Warren. And even better, Pastor Warren asked them identical questions. But, we didn't really get a good comparison of answers to the same question because we had to wait 45 more minutes after Obama's answer to hear McCain's answer. Well, here's some good news for you!

Today on Neil Cavuto, Monica Showalter of Investor's Business Daily was on, speaking about their editorial on Nanny Pelosi called "Feckless to Reckless." It's about Nancy Pelosi's recent reckless call to drain the strategic oil reserves in an attempt to answer our problems and pains at the gas pumps, short term. Needless to say, IBD was not impressed; in fact, the article calls for her resignation.

Dear God, please let the Patriot Guard Riders know about this ahead of time. The Phelps gang is ready to strike, and this is their intent.
Please pass this along to all who can get the word out so we can stop these fools.

We’ve lost another giant today. I was prepared to go straight to bed after having stayed up all night watching movies, but as I tuned to the TV, I saw that one of my favorite people, Tony Snow, had passed. I could not be sadder. He was only 53 years old, and colon cancer took his life. The world is missing a great friend today. Godspeed, Tony.

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A small aircraft crashed into a high-rise on the Upper East Side, setting off a fire and startling New Yorkers, police said. There were conflicting reports on whether the aircraft was a small plane or a helicopter.

Well, I thought I had hope of late, as did MsUnderestimated, for Juan Williams. This past week, Juan has been on many radio and TV talk shows promoting his book "Enough," about the lunacy of the continuing victimhood embodied in the likes of current black leaders like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Farrakhan. Well, tonight on Fox News Sunday, I was snapped back to reality.

Hallelujah! Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig are FREE AT LAST! I'm so overjoyed to report that Centanni & Wiig have been released, and are now confirmed to be safely in Jerusalem. For extensive reporting, see MsUnderestimated's post. Thank you, God, for delivering these men from evil.

Everybody on the blogosphere is on this story today, and have been since Drudge broke it mid-morning. Here's just one entry from MsUnderestimated's site:

Gaza Militants Claim Fox Kidnapping
Anita McNaught, wife of kidnapped journalist Olaf Wiig Freelance cameraman. Olaf Wiig was kidnapped last week A previously unknown militant group has said it kidnapped two journalists seized nine days ago in the Gaza Strip.

According to the AP, two Fox employees, one being reporter Steve Centanni, were kidnapped by Palestinians in Gaza earlier today. Fox is barely speaking about this at all, and I'm tending to think it's to keep it out of the spotlight while negotiations are on-going. Only Jennifer Griffin would mention this as she was interviewed from Kiryat Shmona (video link by MsUnderestimated) this afternoon. God speed and I hope for a quick release of these hostages.

(h/t: MsUnderestimated.) Today on Neal Cavuto, the usual panel was on, including Ben Stein and Stuart Varney. The topic was whether or not the events of yesterday and today would have an impact on our economic outlook. Ben Stein talked about a nation “bound together by the silk and threads of airline travel,” and how when those threads are frayed, it will strain us. However, he opined that if we let that happen, the terrorists win. (brief video to follow from MsUnderestimated)

McKinney just can't keep her mout shut. After the horrific debacle that was her debate this past Saturday, today she was on the morning radio show, V-103. Both she and Hank Johnson were in the studio, and having only seen the clip below, I wonder if Hank Johnson ever got a word in edge-wise? V-103 is no friend to the President. Jim Angle had a brief piece about this on Special Report tonight. (MsUnderestimated has the video here.)

This has to be what can only be deemed as rounds #2, 3, 4 & 5 of the WWF of the political world. Cynthia is trying so hard to keep her belt, but it's getting harder and harder. However, I wasn't sure Hank was going to make it. Was he coughing to disrupt the cutest little jihadist in Congress as she spewed her blather from the inside of the skull-tightening braids on her head? Or did her hot air scorch the air around them both so bad that he couldn't breathe? Don't know.