Neal Gabler Calls Michelle Malkin an ‘Opinion Monger’

Fox News’s Neal Gabler was on quite a roll on Saturday's "Fox News Watch." Apart from taking on Mel Gibson as reported by NewsBuster Mark Finkelstein, he also went after conservative columnist Michelle Malkin referring to her as an "opinion monger" (video to follow).

The discussion centered on how the media have been reporting on the Hezbollah-Israeli conflict, and, in particular, the event in Qana. Gabler, almost foaming at the mouth, went on quite a rant which included going after a Fox News contributor. Pay particular attention to Gabler's intentionally exaggerated display of disgust as he said Malkin's name:

We’ve got 24/7 here on FOX and CNN and MSNBC and all we get most of the time when we’re not having reports are opinion mongers. You know, we had Michelle Malkin here on this network denying that Qana even happened. What we need are historians, experts, people who don’t just have opinions to dispense, but people who have context to provide. And we can do that if we’re not afraid of losing audience.

Video Link courtesy of Ms Underestimated.

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