Greed Is NPR Stations?

From the blog at, the insider publication for the public broadcasting industry, we learn that greed can also be a problem in the non-commercial world:

-- KCPW-FM in Salt Lake City ran a $609,366 deficit in fiscal year 2005 while paying its General Manager Blair Feulner $179,815, reports the city's Tribune. The sale of an unused license covered the losses and also paid Feulner and his wife a bonus of $895,000, the paper says.

-- A former underwriting rep for Michigan Radio in Ann Arbor was convicted July 26 of conspiracy to commit embezzlement, the Ann Arbor Times reported. Jeremy Nordquist was one of three former employees tried in the investigation. (Earlier coverage in Current.)

Then, there's always that perennial problem with on-air talent:

-- Chris Douridas, a host on KCRW-FM in Santa Monica, Calif., pleaded no contest July 25 to a charge of cocaine possession, the Los Angeles Times reported.

And finally, let us remind you again of how aggressive the MoveOn lefties see pubcasting as their own sandbox:

-- is soliciting donations for a campaign to "Beat the NPR-PBS 24"--the 24 members of Congress up for reelection who voted to cut pubcasting's federal aid. "With your help, together we can retire enough of these representatives to tip the balance on this issue—and send a signal that cutting public broadcasting comes with a political price," writes's "Political Action Team" in an e-mail solicitation [Via].

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