Brad Pitt Warns: We're Consuming Ourselves Into Extinction!

If you are a celebrity, businessman or ex-president with a liberal persuasion and you have a cause to promote chances are someone from NBC's Today will traverse many miles to place a microphone in front of your face. On this morning's Today show Brad Pitt, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates all got face-time to promote their causes. However it was Pitt who stole the show with this piece of Greenie hyperbole: "We just can't keep consuming ourselves into extinction."

In the first half-hour of Today NBC's Campbell Brown highlighted Bill and Melinda Gates and Clinton's efforts to combat disease in Africa and in the 8:30 half-hour Ann Curry trudged through flood-ravaged New Orleans to promote Brad Pitt's effort to rebuild the city. On the surface one has to applaud any charitable effort to fight disease in Africa or reconstruct New Orleans but it would be nice if viewers were spared the liberal hero worship such as Brown calling Gates and Clinton, "two of the most fascinating people in the world."

But Brown's brown-nosing was nothing compared to Curry who devoted time on yesterday and today's program to Pitt's effort, along with Global Green, to rebuild New Orleans in an "eco-friendly" way.

A quick visit to Global Green's Web site reveals its Founder is none other than Mikhail Gorbachev so it wasn't too much of a surprise when Pitt's preaching took a rather anti-capitalistic tone. Overlooking some of the "Green Design" entries in a Global Green sponsored architectural competition Pitt waxed: "Understand this is the wave of the future. We've got to address these issues. Just, it's just a matter of time. We might as well start here. There's just a great opportunity to do so with this rebuilding effort."

Curry: "What convinces you that this is the wave of the future?"

Pitt: "Oh because it's inevitable. Dependency on oil, look at our gas prices, look at health rates. We just can't keep consuming ourselves into extinction. We, we, we've got to regroup and adopt a new paradigm, a new wave of thinking."

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