Vocal Menorah-ty Protests Outrageous Times

Monisha Baisal of CNSNews.com also has a report on Rabbi Aryeh Spero's Caucus for America protesting in front of the New York Times building yesterday to voice the nation’s outrage at the newspaper’s publication of classified details of the government’s bank tracking of suspected al Qaeda members. If only the establishment media had given the event the same level of coverage it gives even the lamest PETA publicity stunt.

Saying the Times is jeopardizing American lives because it “wants us to lose [the war on terror]," the protestors called for the Times to be prosecuted for espionage, as well as for patrons to cancel their subscriptions.

Some of the protestors even dressed up as Osama bin Laden. You’d think seeing the leader of al Qaeda lurking around in front of the New York Times building might spark alarm and cause someone from the establishment media to sit up and take notice.

On second thought, maybe not…

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