Air America Enjoys Dana Priest Mocking Bill Bennett's Binge Gambling

Over on Air America Radio on Monday, Sam Seder (Mr. FUBAR) was sitting in for Al Franken. Late in the show, he hosted the blogging artist known as Atrios, Duncan Black. Seder promised they would soon get into celebrating how Washington Post reporter Dana Priest "handed his ass" to Bill Bennett on "Meet the Press" Sunday, as we blogged yesterday.

Seder called Bennett a "bloviating gambling addict," but that charge wasn't wild enough. He then said Bennett's Book of Virtues left out the gambling, as well as "visiting a dominatrix when you're in Vegas as well," where Bennett allegedly had the dominatrix "do very, very strange odd things" to him. Is there any proof? Seder joked it would be "irresponsible as a commentator not to comment on that."

Atrios/Black said the Dana Priest smackdown as a "thing of beauty" and they congratulated NBC's director for going to a two-shot of Priest and Bennett after she dropped the bomb. Seder moved on to his religious part of the show. As he shifted into Valerie Plame outrage, he wondered why Bob Novak was still not in shackles, if the conservatives were about punishing journalists for treason -- aside from the "shackles around him spiritually."

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