CBS Terrorism Analyst Claims America Losing War On Terror

On the "Saturday Early Show" this past weekend on CBS, co-host Tracy Smith interviewed CBS terrorism analyst Michael Scheuer. Scheuer, who once attempted to spin the death of the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab Zarqawi, as being good for al Qaeda, used this occassion to claim that we are losing the global war on terror:

"There's an element of desperation, and it wouldn't matter if the Democrats or the Republicans were in power. We really are losing the war on terrorism overseas and probably within North America and Europe also. Bin Laden has inspired a whole generation of Muslims--young Muslim men, especially--to hate our foreign policies. They're very comfortable with our society and with the tools of modernity, whether it's communications equipment or anything else, but our foreign policies are driving people to attack us, and I think that's what we saw in Florida."

How can Scheuer say America is losing the war on terror? In the past month, Zarqawi has been killed, a terrorist plot has been uncovered in Canada, and in Miami, seven men were arrested for conspiring to commit a terrorist act, and the most important detail of all, there has not been a terrorist attack on US soil since September 11, 2001. It seems a reasonable person would look at this evidence and say the United States and its allies are making great strides in the fight against international terrorism, not losing the war as Scheuer claims.

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