Media Flush With Ideas About Saving Energy

In the summer of Gore, most Americans already know the media and environmental wackos are trying to send the nation down the tubes. Now there is new proof. In an article from the June 3 Washington Post, “Fighting Our Flush Fixation,” reporter Elizabeth Williamson tells us how the left is trying to toilet train an entire nation.

The story shows the rising tide of no-flush urinals and green toilets that the left is now trying to make part of our everyday life. These descendants of the low-flush-that-won’t-work toilets “loom as the earth-friendly builder's final frontier.” This is just the latest of the media craze to focus on obscure ways to save energy, rather than dwell on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge of off the U.S. coast.

According to Williamson, “The flush toilet has long been a symbol of modern society.” That doesn’t stop the left from trying to take even that small comfort away from people in their homes, offices, schools and possibly even the Washington Nationals new stadium. “The Montgomery County public school system had its first encounter with flushlessness last year, installing 18 waterless urinals at Martin Luther King Middle School in Germantown,” said the piece.

The article focused on how the Chesapeake Bay Foundation installed flushless composting toilets. Chuck Foster, of the foundation, said unsurprisingly “But this was a rough one even for us to pull off.” Bathroom users get to drop in wood chips in the toilet after each bathroom visit because “They want some kind of closure,” said Foster. The basement of the headquarters now has a playhouse-size metal tank filled with “nearly finished compost.”

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