ABC News Lauds Montana Moonbat Senate Candidate

Just how far kooky left does a Democrat candidate have to go before ABC News will cease hyping him or her? Apparently so far left that we can't even imagine.

Writing articles for a far left socialist website or posting a profile photo of a former chairwoman of the Communist Party USA on your Facebook page is still not kooky enough to deter Benjamin Siegel of ABC News from writing an adulatory article about just such a person, the Montana Moonbat herself, Democrat Senate candidate Amanda Curtis. Here is Siegel gushing over her in a way that you just know he would never do for a Tea Party candidate:


Montana has never seen a Democratic U.S. Senate candidate like state Rep. Amanda Curtis.

Selected by state Democrats last week to replace Democratic Sen. John Walsh on their November ticket after a plagiarism scandal derailed his re-election bid, Curtis is a far cry from the centrist candidates the party tends to field for statewide office in Big Sky Country.

Curtis, a 34-year-old math teacher with a nose ring and a background in labor activism, has only one term in the state legislature to her name, and told ABC News she plans to run a progressive, “grassroots” campaign on income inequality and student-loan debt.

“Washington could be fixed if we send more working-class Americans to D.C., so the system can start working for us and not against us,” said Curtis, who would be Montana’s first female senator. (In 1916, Montana sent Jeannette Rankin, the nation’s first female representative, to Washington.)

She has impressed Montana Democrats with her youth and energy. In 2013, she kept a YouTube video diary of her first legislative session, which made the rounds in Montana political circles.

A background in labor activism which means supporting the far left socialist Industrial Workers of the World. She wrote articles for them and her husband is a member. But wait...there's more! Mr. Siegel is not done trying to mainstream the looney left Curtis:

Conservatives have pounced on her writing in a socialist newsletter, along with her video diary. In one entry, she said she had to stop herself from “walking across the floor” to “punch” Republican legislators who voted to make gay sex illegal in Montana. In another, she wore a hooded sweatshirt to commemorate the death of Trayvon Martin.

She defended the video diary, and accused Republicans of “taking words out of context.”

Gee, Mr. Siegel. Too bad you overlooked the fact that according to the Washington Free Beacon, on the day Senator John Walsh dropped out of the Senate race, August 7, she changed her profile photo on her Facebook page to Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, the former chairwoman of the Communist Party USA.


So would Amanda Curtis have to post a Facebook profile photo of Mao in order to stop the gushings of Siegel? Naw, apparently not since we've already seen the MSM non-reaction to former White House staffer Anita Dunn hero worshiping Mao.

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