DUers and Kossacks Enjoy Photos of Obama Laughing During Border Crises Meeting

Sheesh! Talk about being blind to really bad optics.

You have to wonder why the Obama administration allowed the release of two Reuters photos of Obama laughing during yesterday's border crises meeting which you can see after the jump. From the reaction of the Democrat Underground and the Daily Kos, it is easy to see why. Because Texas Governor Rick Perry looked unamused as Barack Obama was laughing, they (and probably the adminstration) thought his discomfort was just hilarious while overlooking the fact that Obama was acting as if he didn't take the situation seriously. Although the DUers and Kossacks were generally chuckling over the photos, at least one Kossack was well aware of what the real public reaction would be. First let us watch the DUers mock Rick Perry for not finding laughter amusing during the border crises meeting.



Our President has a great sense of humor!

Something was FUNNY and Perry didn't think so..

Some things still make me smile. This made me smile.

The Kossacks pretty much echoed this narrow sentiment with one notable exception. Someone was actually able to discern that a photo of a president laughing during a border crises meeting would not go down well with the public:

two thirds of the electorate ain't laughing.

That unwanted injection of reality brought a few angry response from other Kossacks.

sad silly little reply.

Are you a purity troll, or a Tea Partier?

There was one other discordant Kossack note:

I can laugh at him, and do. I encourage you to do likewise, and as many others as care to join in. And mock him, insult him and lampoon him. Publication of a pic where it appears the President of the US is doing so does not help us at all. Quite the opposite.

You can read more of the DU and Kossack comments at the DUmmie FUnnies. It must be noted that the true public reaction is now setting in. The Drudge Report just minutes ago posted this headline and link: PHOTOS: Obama Laughs His Way Through Border Meeting...

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