Desperate Politico: 'How [Wendy] Davis Wins By Losing'

Pre-spinning what could be a "blow-out" loss by liberal Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, Politico on Monday accentuated the positives. A headline on the home page touted, "How Wendy Davis Wins By Losing." According to writers Anna Palmer and Katie Glueck, there is nothing but upside: "But even if Davis suffers a big loss, she could still score a win for her political career — setting herself up as an important player in the party regardless of the final score." 

Offering spin that liberal journalists often hold for weeks before the election, the journalists admitted, "But privately, many of her supporters are resigned to her losing. And, already, some political operatives are pondering how she can stay politically relevant beyond November." A new poll has the pro-abortion Democrat behind by 12 points. According to Politico "many liberals believe [the poll] could mean a blow-out in November." 

Palmer and Glueck featured Davis cheerleaders: 

Texas State Teachers Association public affairs director Ed Martin, who has worked for years in Texas politics with Davis, said her future is bright.

“She learns, she acts and she gets stuff done,” said Martin, a veteran in Texas politics, of Davis, who he still thinks can win. “She has every skill that is needed to be governor, so I would suspect she would have every skill to pursue a wide range of opportunities.”

The article failed to contain any quotes from Republican operatives critical of Davis. Instead, Palmer and Glueck and touted Battleground Texas, an attempt to turn the state blue. According to the journalists, the effort "has heartened Democrats, and Battleground in particular terrifies Republicans." Clearly not in 2014, however. 

On October 8, 2013, Dan Rather appeared on the Rachel Maddow show and offered a similar theme: 

DAN RATHER: I'm not predicting she'll win. If you have to bet the trailer money, you bet she loses. But overnight's a long time in politics – a week is forever – and we're talking about an election that doesn't happen [until] a year from now. So, let her rip.

For liberal journalists, a liberal candidate in Texas, no matter how hopeless, is still an exciting thing. 

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