MSNBC Panel Slams GOP on Global Warming, Predicts 'End of the Republican Party'

On the Wednesday, April 23, PoliticsNation on MSNBC, Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart asserted that Republican doubts about global warming would be "one more thing that is going to hasten the demise, the end of the Republican Party" as he reacted to a clip of several North Carolina Republican Senate candidates expressing doubts when asked if "climate change" is a "fact."

And, as she appeared as a guest, allegedly right-leaning MSNBC host Abby Huntsman predicted that Republicans would be "out of business" if they lose the elections of 2016. [See video below.]

During a segment devoted to conservative political figures considered "extreme" by the MSNBC crowd, host Al Sharpton at one point fretted:

But where are the moderate voices, Abby, that are confronting these guys in the primary? What I don't hear is moderates who take them on and really back them down. This is what gives the image of extremism for all Republicans.

Huntsman began:

Yeah, and that's the real challenge. When does the establishment part of the party actually stand up and say, "No more of this. We just can't continue down this path." And my fear is that you end up keeping this rhetoric, you don't move enough to the center, that this drags on into the 2016 election.

She then predicted:

And if Republicans lose another national election, you heard it here: They are out of business. They are going to have to totally start over and say, "How do we get back on track? How do we actually win elections again?"

Sharpton then turned attention to global warming:

AL SHARPTON: You know, Jonathan, look at last night's North Carolina Republican Senate debate. The candidates were asked about climate change. Listen to this.

UNIDENTIFIED DEBATE MODERATOR: Is climate change a fact?


SHARPTON: Now, they not only all said no, they actually laughed at it. They were mocking it, Jonathan.

Capehart showed his complete faith in global warming theory advocates as he began:

The fact that this question even comes up in a serious debate, even though it is settled science that we have plenty of evidence that climate change is real, just goes to show how far, just how extreme the Republican Party has become in one of the key issues facing this country and facing the planet. You know, the country, I believe, is already there. They understand that climate change is happening.

The Washigton Post columnist, who already predicted an end to the Republican Party just last week, concluded:

And if the Republican Party wants to keep nominating people who are questioning the science and then in some instances electing people who keep questioning the science, then that's going to be one more thing that is going to hasten the demise, the end of the Republican Party.

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