MSNBC's Joy Reid Cracks 'Paul Ryan Wants to Fire Big Bird'

On the Wednesday, April 30, The Reid Report, MSNBC host Joy Reid attacked Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan, claiming that it "guts" programs to help people in poverty, and ended up cracking that he, like Mitt Romney, "wants to fire Big Bird" because the budget would end federal government funding for PBS. [See video below.]

After noting the day's meeting between Rep. Ryan and the Congressional Black Caucus over poverty, she continued:

Congressman Ryan claims he wants to help the poor. He's even got some ideas for that, which you can find in his latest budget proposal, which repeals the health care law, even after more than eight million people have already signed up for it.

Reid concluded:

And it guts nearly every program meant to help people who are nearly left out of the economic recovery in poverty, including turning Medicare into a voucher. Oh, oh, and it also ends funding for PBS because, just like his 2012 running mate, Paul Ryan wants to fire Big Bird.

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