Al Gore Answers Charge of Causing Global Warming Mockery With Mockable Quotes

Al Gore!

Come on. Admit it. Just reading the name of Al Gore put a smile on your face. Why is that? Because after years of Gore's over the top rantings about global warming, he has turned himself into a laughingstock. That added to his blatantly greedy hypocrisy of selling carbon credit "indulgences" to fellow liberals to assuage their guilt as well as leaving a huge carbon footprint of his own by extravagant electrical usage at his mansion as well as burning big quantities of carbon by travelling around the world on a private jet to warn of global warming is eminently mockable. So what happens when someone asks Gore about this mockery? Well, Politico reporter Darren Samuelsohn did just that in a very polite way and Gore's humorless response generates yet more inadvertent humor due to his global warming absurdities. It starts out with blaming the big mudslide in Washington state on global warming and goes downhill from there as Gore responds to this Politico observation:

But the public is confused too. Snowstorms come and your face gets splashed across the screen. Bill O’Reilly is interviewing people in Central Park asking, “Why is Al Gore so wrong?”

And here is Gore's response as he digs himself into a deep hole...and then continues digging even deeper:

The extreme weather events and the knock-on effects with the stronger ocean-based storms, the bigger downpours, more floods, mudslides, the saturation of that hillside in Snohomish County, for example – these things are way more common now, because the extremes are more extreme and they are more frequent.

Wow! So he blames the big Washington state mudslide on global warming? But he's not done yet. He's just getting "warmed" up:

This is all over the world. In the Philippines, there were four million homeless refugees and still are. That’s twice as many as the Indian Ocean tsunami. The Philippines has always been hit hard by typhoons, but this is something different and the warmer ocean is connected to it. And all over the world, people are saying, “Whoa, this is getting pretty crazy.”

Or maybe people are saying that Al Gore is getting pretty crazy because he also blames Hurricane Sandy in the same interview on global warming:

When Sandy came across the areas of the Atlantic just windward from Manhattan and New Jersey, it was 9 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal.

The height of absurdity is reached when the son of the senator who voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act channels the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. to take a global warming march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama:

Forty-nine years ago … after the march from Selma to the Pettus Bridge in Montgomery, Martin Luther King Jr. made a famous speech in which he said, “How long? Not long. Because no lie can live forever. How long? Not long. Because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” That’s where we are on the climate crisis. How long will it take us to get to the point where we really start solving it? Not long.

One thing I would like to ask the Politico reporter is what was the temperature on the day of the interview? The reason is the well known "Al Gore Effect" which the Urban Dictionary defines as: "The phenomenon that leads to unseasonably cold temperatures, driving rain, hail, or snow whenever Al Gore visits an area to discuss global warming. Hence, the Gore Effect."

Gore's global warming alarmism absurdities are such that they have been frequently satirized in popular culture such as in the South Park segment below in which he attempts to warn the world of "Manbearpig." Watch, laugh, enjoy!

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