Daily Beast Columnist Rips 'Batsh*t Crazy' Conservatives as Anti-Women

Daily Beast columnist Michael Tomasky on Wednesday offered a disjointed, 24-year-old example as he attacked supposedly "batsh*t crazy," anti-women Republicans.  In an article on how GOP men don't respect the value of equal pay for equal work, he said this of elected GOP females: "Four Senate Republicans did vote aye on Lilly Ledbetter back in 2009. Yep, you guessed it: the 'girls'—Collins, Hutchison, Murkowski, Snowe."  

The girls? Would the liberal Tomasky let conservative Republicans get away with so breezily referring to United States senators as "girls?" The journalist speculated as to why Republicans allegedly oppose financial equality for women. Blaming the "southern men and their southern beliefs" impacting the party, Tomasky spewed: [See below for full vulgarity]

"But it isn’t corporate benefactors who make Todd Akin and some of these other men say the batshit crazy things about women they say. That’s culture," he fulminated.

Not once did the journalist mention an inconvienent fact for Barack Obama and Democrats. According to the New York Times on Monday: 

But critics of the administration are eager to turn the tables and note that Mr. Obama’s White House fares only slightly better. A study released in January showed that female White House staff members make on average 88 cents for every dollar a male staff member earns.

Tomasky then offered an indulgent, 24-year-old story to somehow express Republican disdain for women: 

I have a little story, something that happened in my life that just blew my mind. I’ve told this before, so to my longer-suffering readers, please indulge me.

This was, oh, 1990. Down South. A wedding. At the morning-after breakfast on Sunday, the groom’s father got up and gave a little speech and suggested that everyone introduce themselves. So he said my name is such-and-such, and then—tapping his wife solicitously on the shoulder—introduced his wife and spoke for her as she beamed up at him. And so it went, around the Dixie half of the room, men standing and speaking, solicitously tapping, wives remaining seated and silently beaming.

Those of us in the Yankee half of the room stared at each other in disbelief. Are they putting us on? This is how these people live? In short order, as I counted noses, it became clear that the first Northern couple who would seize the floor would be my parents. Mom before Dad. I studied them to see if they were whispering to each other, to talk about what to do. They did not.

But sure enough, when the crucial moment came, Mom shot right up and introduced herself, saying what she did. Dad followed her. And every Yankee couple followed their lead. It was just as emphatic a display of our warring outlooks and values systems as I’d ever been exposed to. And I still think of that day on weeks like this, when Republicans trot out to cable television to talk about women, because it still explains a lot, I think.

Does this rambling example prove something? 

In addition to his columnist work for the Daily Beast, Tomasky is a frequent guest on MSNBC. His analysis hardly ever strays from unoriginal liberal rage. According to the writer, Paul Ryan is a "jerk," David Vitter is "America's most contemptible senator" and the "era of Republican hostage-taking is over."  

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