Chuck Todd Mocks Dem Spin Of Florida Election Loss

Here at NewsBusters, we've regularly raked Chuck Todd over the coals.  So let's give the NBC political director credit for calling out Dems today on their lame spin over the loss by Dem Alex Sink in this week's special congressional election in FL-13.

On today's Morning Joe, Todd mocked Dems in the White House and elsewhere now claiming that FL-13 "is not a swing district.  It's an 'R+13.':" Said Todd: "Well, it's only that because your people didn't show up! They didn't move. They still live in the district. They didn't leave!" View the video after the jump.

Let's give Todd some rare kudos for candor. 

Question: are there any eagle-eared [owl-eared?] readers out there who can decipher what Todd says at the very end of the clip after Eugene Robinson speaks?


CHUCK TODD:  And by the way, this whole overtime pay and all this stuff: these are important things to a small group of people. It's not important --

EUGENE ROBINSON: It's got to be bigger.

TODD: Nobody showed up! Democrats--you know, if I hear one more time a Democrat, in the White House: "oh, it's not a swing district, it's an R+13," team. Well it only was that because your people didn't show up? They didn't move. They still live in the district! They didn't leave!

EUGENE ROBINSON: A custom-designed swing district.

TODD: Right! They don't have anything to run on.

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