Gallup Poll Suggests People Are Ignoring Media Concerns About Global Warming

A March 29 article published by the Free Market Project addressed the recent full-court press by the media to advance the concept that global warming is an imminent threat to our planet. From television reports, to lead articles at major magazines, March was a month filled with madness not just on the basketball court.

Yet, a recent Gallup poll reported by Editor & Publisher indicated that Americans aren’t buying into the insanity: “Contrary to what one might expect, Gallup found that while public concern is higher than in 2004, it is ‘no higher than it has been at several points in the past.’ In fact, Americans are more worried about water pollution, air pollution, and toxic waste than global warming.”

Do you mean that Americans are starting to ignore media propaganda? It appears so: "Gallup found that only 36% of Americans say they worry a great deal about 'the greenhouse effect' or global warming. The percentage saying global warming will 'pose a serious threat to you or your way of life in your lifetime' is now 35%, just two points above that recorded in 2002."

Isn't that a shame? All that hard work done by the media to create a panic over an issue lacking any scientific consensus, and Americans aren't buying it. On the flipside, something that certainly won’t surprise NewsBusters readers is that Republicans seem less apt to drink the media’s global warming flavored Kool-Aid than those on the other side of the aisle: “‘Since 1999, Republicans' level of worry about the issue has dipped noticeably,’ Gallup reports, ‘while worry among Democrats has shown less change.’"

Of course, the obvious ancillary benefit is how the results of this poll must be driving news producers and editors across the country to wonder what they’re doing wrong. Maybe they should ask NewsBusters contributors and readers.

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