Alec Baldwin Flip-Flops: 'I Am Glad Martin Bashir Is Still On'

Alec Baldwin can't make up his mind.

After complaining Tuesday about MSNBC's Martin Bashir still being on the air despite his vile comments about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, Baldwin said Sunday he's glad Bashir still has a show:

There's so much here, where do I begin?

First off, Bashir does broadcast "aggressive content," which is the problem.

He's on a so-called "cable news channel." His content is supposed to be "news" not "aggressive."

As for it being "bound to happen" that somone on a so-called "cable news channel" would call for a public figure to have her mouth defecated in, that may be "bound to happen" on MSNBC where there clearly are no standards of decency, but on any other news channel in the nation, said person would have been terminated as would the producers involved.

As for there not being a difference if Fox and MSNBC went off the air tomorrow, the good folks at Twitchy point out this might be the case with MSNBC given its poor ratings. This is certainly the case for Bashir as his is consistently one of the lowest rated shows in cable news.

Yet for Fox, given that it has been the number one cable news network for over a decade, and is typically one of the most watched stations on cable, there are literally millions of Americans that would miss it.

Maybe more importantly, given that FNC is the only right of center television news network, America would be a much worse place without it.

Of course, a liberal such as Baldwin certainly wouldn't agree with that, but who cares what someone who believes Bashir's vile comments were "bound to happen" thinks?

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