Schultz: 'No Doubt' African-American Would Be Jailed For Radel's Misdemeanor

Ed Schultz knows nothing about misdemeanor sentencing guidelines . . . Playing the race card over the arrest and conviction of Republican congressman Trey Radel for cocaine possession, Ed Schultz has claimed there is "no doubt" that an African-American who committed the same crime "would be facing jail time."

Really? Radel's crime was a misdemeanor, and he was a first-time offender. It would be highly unusual for anyone pleading guilty under such circumstances to be sentenced to jail time. DC jails could not possibly hold all the low-level misdemeanor drug offenders. View the video after the jump.

Indeed, under DC sentencing guidelines, a judge can sentence first-time offenders "a period of probation for up to one year and withhold a guilty finding. If the defendant does not violate the probation, the court may dismiss the related charges."  

When it comes to drug sentencing in DC, Schultz truly does know nothing.

ED SCHULTZ: There is no doubt that Radel got off easy . . Radel also just got one year probation. I'd say that's another pretty doggone good deal, wouldn't you? Possession of cocaine in Washington, DC? If you're an average schmuck out there, well, heck, it could land you 180 days in jail and up to $1,000 fine. But you see, he's a congressman. Says he wants to stay in the Congress. So they sure as hell ain't going to throw the book at him. See, if Trey Radel were a poor African-American youth with no lawyer, no attorney, no legal help, no backup, there is no doubt that he would be facing jail time, cause that's just kind of how it works.

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