Far-left Nation Magazine Blames Tea Party for Postage Rate Increases

The Tea Party has been blamed for many things by outrage-seeking liberals. Until today, no one apparently thought to blame the political movement for the failure of the US Postal Service to boost its revenues.

In a fund-raising email sent to its subscribers, the far-left political magazine The Nation, claimed it needed more money because the Tea Party was causing postal rates to go up.

“Tea Party–backed conservatives helped force the US Postal Service into requesting an emergency rate hike — one that will cost The Nation an additional $120,272 every year. While corporate media can handle this kind of a bill, The Nation can't foot it alone,” the letter says, according to Capitol New York.

While it is true that congressional Republicans have been trying to force USPS to prepay into a pension fund for future retirees (since the money is not budgeted in the federal budget), the Nation conveniently forgot to mention their primary motivation—to get the postal service to reduce its number of redundant employees so as to cut back on current and future expenses so that USPS doesn't turn into a massive debt liability for the federal budget like Fannie Mae is.

Now that the talking point is out there, though, we can’t help but wonder if any other left-leaning magazines are going to pick it up and run with it.

What else can media lefties think of to blame on the Tea Party?

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