Lefty Bloggers Hail New York Times for Including An Abortion In an NBA Star's Love Story

On Wednesday, the blog The Catholic View for Women nicely summarized how The New York Times was honored by liberals for having the courage to challenge the “persistent abortion stigma that’s deeply ingrained in our society.”

On September 1, Linda Marx of the Times reported a “Weddings/Celebrations” story on Miami Heat basketball player Udonis Haslem and his new wife Faith Rein. The headline was "Taking Their Very Sweet Time." Displayed in the wedding photograph was their son, Josiah, age 6. The story drew controversy over how Rein and Haslem agreeing to have an abortion was a Hallmark-card moment in a deepening love story. It showed Udonis was a caring nurturer:

Despite the pregnancy, she was busy with track meets and helping him complete homework. The timing was bad. “I am not a huge fan of abortion, but we both had sports careers, plus we could not financially handle a baby,” said Haslem, noting how he struggled with supporting Kedonis, the son he had in high school, who is now 14 and lives with his mother.

“Udonis appreciated that I was willing to have an abortion,” Ms. Rein said. “I found him caring, supportive, nurturing and all over me to be sure I was OK. I saw another side of him during that difficult time and fell deeply in love. He had a big heart and was the whole package.”

The Catholic blogger Janet Morana replied:

I am always amazed by how low we can sink as a society. Now a man can show his big heart by sticking around after an abortion? It’s true, that doesn’t happen much; usually the man has hightailed it while his girlfriend is still recovering in a bloody recliner in the back room of the “safe and legal” abortion mill. But honestly, should his willingness not to bolt be the measure of a man?

Pro-aborts are ecstatic that the Times included the murder of the couple’s first child in their wedding announcement (they now have two living children together).

From ThinkProgress.com: "The New York Times' decision to include those details in a column in its prominent wedding section is a small step toward dispelling the persistent abortion stigma that's deeply ingrained in our society."

Jezebel.com says the story shows that abortion is "a decision to be considered or ignored or made or nearly made by people based on their own priorities and not some imaginary standard of adulthood made by a pious, anti-choice finger-waggers (sic)."

The Frisky, Salon, basically all the abortion-loving media sites commended the couple and the Times for courage and commitment to choice.

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